Trump to Republicans: Where's money for wall?

Missing from GOP-led House spending bill


Lawyers offer to help Facebook get rid of bias

Rutherford warns if problems unaddressed,
client will be advised about 'next steps'

President Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore, Wikipedia)

Google's ultimate target: President Donald Trump

Exclusive: Joseph Farah charges search giant
with violating Communications Decency Act


Hispanic leader praises Trump economy

Latinos were 'biggest victims' of Obama's
'low-growth, high-regulation' policies

Judge Brett Kavanaugh

'Compelling evidence' to 'exonerate' Kavanaugh

Colleague promises it will 'show his categorical denial to be truthful'


Kavanaugh's 'assassins' want to control
your medical care

Exclusive: Marilyn M. Singleton, M.D., sees recent bill
as softening us up for rationing


Kavanaugh: Senate should vote forthwith

Exclusive: Alan Keyes notes judge's 6th Amendment right to confront accuser

Al-Shabaab soldiers

Christians on bus executed
for not reciting Islamic statement

Jihadists separate followers of Jesus from Muslims


Will 'the Force' soon be part
of armed services training?

Report says project has linked brain to flying drones