Elizabeth Warren (Official portrait)

Pocahontas descendant calls for apology from Warren

'She's guilty of claiming she's an American Indian but has no proof'


State trying to silence pastor
upset over abortion for 13-year-old

Children's Services took girl from parents, let her go across state line for procedure

Soldiers ask Jesus if He would like to be an organ donor in ad. (courtesy Dying to Live/YouTube)

Controversial ad has dying Jesus
asked new question

'We get it. No one wants to talk about ...'

Hillary Clinton (video screenshot)

FBI sat on Hillary emails for month,
says Judicial Watch

Also, agents 'didn't even bother to look ... for weeks'


My 3-point plan for toppling Google-Facebook

Exclusive: Joseph Farah warns, 'What you don't know can and will hurt you'

Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards

Treasury employee arrested for leaking
Russia-related docs

'Hundreds of electronic communications' with BuzzFeed reporter

University of Washington

Teacher secretly records, mocks students on Twitter

College Republicans were planning event to celebrate Kavanaugh

Keith Ellison (ABC screenshot)

Ellison claims he was domestic abuse victim

High-ranking Democrat's divorce records opened amid close election race

Barack Obama and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Investors: Replace Zuckerberg
due to Facebook 'mess'

'We need boardroom to make a serious commitment to addressing real risks'