Retail chain Urban Outfitters has decided to stop stocking the controversial “dress-up Jesus” item after Christians’ outrage gaining national media attention.

Interchangable outfits for “dress-up Jesus” item sold by Urban Outfitters (Image: WCAU-TV, Philadelphia)

As WorldNetDaily reported, the novelty looks like a children’s game but has a magnetized figure of Jesus on the cross, clad in underwear, with interchangeable outfits such as a devil costume, a skull T-shirt and a hula skirt.

Meredith L. Boice, spokesperson for Urban Outfitters told One Million Moms/One Million Dads: “Urban Outfitters will no longer carry this item. We will continue to sell the inventory on hand, but have decided not to reorder the item.”

The item’s creator, Bob Smith, confirmed that the company had pulled its orders last week via a March 16 e-mail, the Washington Times reported.

“I don’t mind. I’ve been dealing with this for four years. You should see the hate mail I get,” Smith told the paper.

According to the report, Urban Outfitters, which sells T-shirts and other merchandise geared toward young people, bought about 3,000 of the Jesus kits last year.

In addition to dressing Jesus in the unusual outfits, the kit features signs that read “Hang in baby!” and “TGIF” that can be placed on top of the cross.

The Times reported Smith, who was raised Christian but later became an atheist, said he will continue to sell the kits for $14 apiece on his website.

The American Family Association hailed the retailer’s decision.

“We’re pleased Urban Outfitters came to the same conclusion we did,” said AFA Chairman Don Wildmon. “Marketing a product insulting to the Christian faith is not a wise business choice.”

Smith told the Washington paper he recently attended a showing of the film “The Passion of the Christ” dressed as Satan and that a moviegoer threw a cup of soda at him.

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