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Kupelian wins Christian writing award

An article by WND Managing Editor David Kupelian exposing sex-predator teachers – as well as what’s really behind the sexual anarchy in today’s America – has been selected for top honors in one of the nation’s most well-known journalism competitions.

Kupelian, a veteran journalist, vice president of WorldNetDaily.com and author of the best-selling book “The Marketing of Evil,” was notified last week that he had been awarded the $4,000 third prize, from a field of nearly 600 qualified entries, in the 2006 Amy Foundation Writing Awards program.

His winning article is What’s behind today’s epidemic of teacher-student sex?,” first published in the March 2006 edition of WND’s popular monthly Whistleblower magazine.

The Amy Foundation, founded in 1976 by W. James Russell and his wife Phyllis, is best known for its Amy Writing Awards, which is a call to present biblical truth reinforced with scripture in secular, non-religious publications. First prize is $10,000, second prize $5,000, third prize $4,000, fourth prize $3,000, fifth prize $2,000, plus 10 “Awards of Outstanding Merit” at $1,000 each, for a total of $34,000 given annually. According to its website, the Amy Writing Awards “is acclaimed as the most popular journalism contest in the nation.”

In his article, Kupelian describes today’s epidemic of female teachers sexually preying on their male students, citing experts, studies, court rulings and the like. But after his journalistic presentation, Kupelian changes gears and takes the reader on a thought-provoking mental-spiritual journey through modern American culture, ultimately making a powerful logical case that non-marital sex is always wrong and self-destructive.

“For years,” Kupelian told WND, “I’ve heard Christians try to explain to young people why premarital sex is wrong, why homosexual sex is wrong, and so on. But usually, the presentation boils down to, ‘That’s what the Bible says, that’s how God set things up, and besides, you could get really awful venereal diseases, or become pregnant.’

“That’s all true, but I never thought those arguments were really strong enough to persuade a young person with raging hormones, especially one who doesn’t reverence the Bible. So I wanted to try my hand at writing something that would help people realize biblical morality is totally reality-based, that there really are incredibly powerful reasons sex must remain within a committed heterosexual marriage.”

In a letter to Kupelian, Jim Russell, son of the founder and acting president of the Amy Foundation, wrote:

It is with special joy and appreciation that we write this letter of congratulations and send you the enclosed check for $4,000.00 honoring your winning entry, “What’s Behind Today’s Epidemic of Teacher-Student Sex?,” in the 2006 Amy Writing Awards program. A certificate attesting to your Third Prize will be forwarded under separate cover.

Your superior essay as it appeared in the March 2006 issue of Whistleblower is being honored for its thought provoking, skillful presentation of biblical truth, reinforced with scripture in a mainstream, non-religious publication.

We pray you will be blessed by this tribute to your gifts and talents. Our earnest desire is that this recognition will be an encouragement to you and others as you continue to present God’s love and truth in a mission of teaching obedience through the secular media.

Again, congratulations and warm wishes on your superb accomplishment upon your participation in the 2006 Amy Writing Awards.

Other 2006 Amy Award winners include Time magazine Associate Editor David Van Biema and Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby, while past years’ winners have included columnists Dennis Prager, Don Feder and Cal Thomas and prominent Catholic writer Richard John Neuhaus.

All 15 of the 2006 Amy Award winners can be viewed here, along with their winning submissions.

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