Abigail Seroogy

My name is Abigail Seroogy. I’m in the 12th grade and I’m homeschooled.

The stigma that parents take their kids out of school (in my case a Christian school) because they are mentally slow seems to have latched on to homeschooling, I also have a shy/quiet personality, so people assume I don’t talk much because I’m stupid.

But it is kind of fun to see their reaction when they realize that I’m a fast learner and that I have interests in: history, politics, the Middle East, reading, wars, geography, science, the Bible and creation. I’m glad I can stay home and learn what I know is important.

From what I have heard at the place where I work, the public school teens’ obsessive interests seem to be: sports, fashion, cars, cell phones, boy/girlfriends and other pointless subjects. I can’t believe how inept and irresponsible these people can get. I feel sorry for them because they have parents with bad priorities.

My dad introduced me to WorldNetDaily in January 2008 because our local newspaper that I had been reading happens to be liberal and boring. I love WorldNetDaily, and it is huge part of my learning material. I have also ordered books and Whistleblower magazines from the website. I have always loved reading and can go hours on end without noticing the time. And I find your website way more educational than anything on TV including the history and military channels. I have learned more on WorldNetDaily in the past year than I ever could have doing my usually schoolbooks. I also like to listen to Michael Savage and various Christian talk programs. A few months ago, I found a children’s history book at the school supplies store that would not even say that Yasser Arafat was evil. I appreciate the fact that this website is not afraid to tell the truth.

Thank you,

Abigail Seroogy

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