Rabbi and scholar Avraham Greenbaum states that “in the Bible, God promised this land to Abraham and his seed forever and ever.” Moreover he says that “we see at the end of the Book of Numbers a ‘detailed topography’ of the borders of the land as promised to the fathers, and this topography of the borders is stated again in Joshua and Ezekiel.”

Episode 5 of Focus on Israel digs deep and chronicles the biblical evidence that proves the Jewish peoples’ right to the land. With over 170 references to the land in the Bible, it is said that the Bible is a history book written to Israel, for Israel and about Israel.

Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander, the Deputy Vice-Chairman of the Nascent Sanhedrin in Jerusalem, relates how extensive research dating back to the time of the Greeks concurs Israel’s borders as mentioned in over 30 places in the Bible. The documentation agrees that all places in the Bible where borders are mentioned are geographically correct.

The Holy Land has been home to Jews, then Christians, for over 4,000 years. Radical Islam, however, sees the Jewish people as squatters on Islam’s conquered territory, like a warped Mexican perception about California, Arizona and New Mexico not belonging to the United States. Under the Koran’s “Law of Sacred Space” doctrine, any land once taken by Muslims is once and always Islamic territory. This is the basis for the holy war that never ceases against Israel.

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