Focus on Israel reveals that Christian anti-Semitism labels Israel an “occupying power.”

“Many people believe the Christian church replaces Israel. I don’t’ believe it’s Bible-based; it’s misguided and misinformed,” states Dr. David Hudson concerning the anti-Semitic dogma of “Replacement Theology.”

Rabbi Sholomo Riskin crys out to his brethren that “there are only 13 million Jews, while there are almost 2 billion Christians. Unless we join hands with Christians, there’s no hope for the free world.”

In episode 4 of Focus on Israel, host Laurie Cardoza Moore also asks the experts, “Is there a place for Israel; is there a cure for Anti-Semitism?”

Mainline churches like the Presbyterian (USA) and the United Methodist Church, along with global parachurch organizations like the World Council of Churches, have declared war on Israel via boycotts and divestment campaigns. The annual “Christ at the Checkpoint” conference at Bethlehem Bible College involves Christians who meet under a disingenuous guise of reconciliation between Arabs and Jews but continues the lie that “Israel is an illegal regime and commits crimes against humanity.”

The newest episode features interviews with expert scholars and theologians including:

  • Dr. John Garr, Founder and President of the Hebraic Christian Global Community
  • Dr. Brad H. Young, Graduate School of Theology, Oral Roberts University
  • Rabbi Shlomo Risken, founder and dean of the OHR Torah Stone Institution
  • Dr. David Hudson, Senior Pastor, Riverside Ministries

“The world being threatened by extremist Islam and terrorist murder squads requires a return to the religion of morality, to a God of love” – Dr. Brad Young

Watch Episode 4, “Christian Anti-Semitism,” of Focus on Israel hosted by Laurie Cardoza Moore below:

FOCUS ON ISRAEL: Mainline Christianity declares war on Israel

Exclusive: Laurie Cardoza-Moore explores anti-Semitism in the church ...more

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