“Few people can go back 2,600 years in archeological ruins and find names in the same language they speak today. But, here, in fact, we did!” – Doran Spielman.

In Episode 6 of Focus on Israel, host Laurie Cardoza-Moore reveals archeological finds and ruins which show a continuous, 3,000-year Israelite presence, thus proving a long connection of the Jewish people with the Holy Land.

In this episode, Laurie interviews two prominent archeologists. Dr. Hagi Amitzur of Hebrew University and City of David Senior Director Dr. Doran Spielman both convey deep passion and excitement over several recent discoveries.

“When it comes to the Jewish legitimacy in the Golan Heights,” Dr. Hagi Amitzur explains, “the discovery of numerous ancient synagogues, burial sites, villages and inscriptions in Hebrew found there show solid proof.”

City of David Senior Director Dr. Doran Spielman tackles and answers the serious question, “Are we the indigenous people? Where is the proof of the Jewish people in this land going back hundreds of years before Islam was even invented?”

FOCUS ON ISRAEL: Jews, not Arabs, indigenous people of Holy Land

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