Chris Mitchell, CBN’s Middle East Bureau Chief states, “One of the forgotten things in political history is something called the San Remo Resolution. This was ratified by international law, also by the League of Nations in 1920, and weeks later by the U.S. Congress, thereby giving this land to the Jewish people. Arabs were given civil rights and religious rights in Israel, and they were given political rights in the surrounding lands … Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.”

In Episode 8 of Focus on Israel, host Laurie Cardoza-Moore presents the documented political evidence and international laws that established the modern State of Israel. This legal basis is traced from the Balfour Declaration of 1917 to the multiple U.N. resolutions.

Dr. Arieh Eldad, former Knesset member states, “Borders all over the world are usually the result of war and the peace agreement that follows. The ’67 Lines’ have no international meaning by international law. They are not borders!”

Danny Ayalon, former Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel concurs saying, “A peace solution has to be negotiated based upon legal and historical facts. So, please let’s stop using the terms ‘occupied territories,’ and ’67 borders,’ they’re simply not correct.”

Watch the eighth episode of Focus on Israel now:

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