Joseph Farah, CEO of WND, states, “Arab propagandists want to destroy Israel by popular vote in the United Nations.”

In Episode 9 of Focus on Israel, host Laurie Cardoza-Moore uncovers the one-sided rhetoric of the U.N. toward Israel and the disproportionate amount of time, resolutions and resources expended against the Jewish state. She speaks with authority as the special envoy to the U.N. on Middle Eastern Affairs for the World Council of Independent Christian Churches.

Dr. Aryeh Elda, former Knesset leader says, “The Arab Bloc has 57 states together with another 100 or so associated states: That is 150 states of the U.N. that will vote automatically if the Arabs will ask for a vote that the sun will rise in the west, because the sun is a very obedient planet [sic].”

Joseph Farah maintains, “In 1947 when the U.N. voted on creating the new state of Israel, it was a close vote. It was basically a one-vote majority.”

He continues that Palestinian Arabs continue to believe that a popular vote in the U.N. can reverse that decision and end the Jewish state.

Middle-east Historian Shai ben-Tekoa adds, “One-third of the U.N.’s time and budget deal with the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Between 1945 and 1989 a cumulative total of anti-Israel votes in the U.N. General Assembly was over 55,000 votes. There is a Palestinian representative in every department of the U.N. to make sure the business of the department involves bashing of Israel. This is the U.N.! This is where American tax dollars go. Americans pay for all of this nonsense at the U.N.”

Watch the 9th episode of Focus on Israel below:

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