As President Obama, world leaders and the U.N. sit idly by, it has been estimated that 100 million Christians are currently facing a rising tide of persecution and that approximately 100,000 Christians die for their faith each year.

In the Islamic countries of Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan and Egypt, among others, Christians are experiencing extreme and horrific levels of persecution and apartheid. They are exposed to daily assaults by fundamentalists and extremists, as their churches are burnt and their properties damaged and they’re forced to flee their land and homes. The scale of atrocities carried out throughout Islamic countries is truly shocking, creating a horrifying climate of fear and insecurity for Christians.

In Judea and Samaria, many Palestinian Christians are calling for a two-state solution, which would ultimately mean the creation of another Islamic state. They claim persecution from Israel, rather than from Muslims. This claim has been proven to be patently false and exaggerated beyond proportion. If the areas of Samaria and Judea were given over to Palestinian Arabs, this climate would dominate the lives of Christians there as well.

On this episode, you’ll hear the true story of one such horrific persecution that happened to a young woman from Pakistan. Julie Aftab was born to Christian parents in the Punjab Province. When she refused to recant her faith at her factory job, the terrifying consequences were nearly fatal. The scars she now carries on the outside cannot hide her inner peace and love for Christ.

We must continue to pray for God’s mercy on Christians under siege, and we must continue to stand against any land-for-peace agreements in Israel.

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