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WASHINGTON – 2014 was a good year.

  • The rise of the terrorist army ISIS
  • Tens-of-thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America streaming across the U.S. border
  • A mystery disease paralyzing and killing children across America
  • The Ebola crisis
  • The exposure of President Obama’s lies about keeping doctors and health plans under Obamacare
  • Presidential adviser Jonathan Gruber attributing the success of Obamacare legislation to deception and the stupidity of Americans
  • The exchange of possible deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban commanders
  • Racial tension and civil disorder in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City
  • 93 million unemployed adult workers
  • President Obama golfing minutes after condemning the beheading of American journalist James Foley
  • The stalemate with Iran over its drive to obtain nuclear weapons
  • Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel
  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea
  • Lois Lerner’s missing emails and more damning revelations in the IRS and Benghazi scandals
  • The move to normalize relations with Cuba
  • GOP leaders caving to the Obama administration in the budget battle
  • Amnesty for millions of more illegal immigrants

Yes, 2014 was a good year.

According to Democrats.

The headline of the story reads: “Fox News Poll: Voters say 2014 was a good year.”

But the actual poll numbers show a dramatically different story.

A whopping 73-percent of Democrats surveyed “feel this has been a good year for them.”

Only 45 percent of Republicans felt similarly.

Just 49 percent of independents said it’s been a good year.

The Democrats’ overall good vibes seem to fly in the face of the poll results that show an overwhelming negativity among a majority of voters on every single major individual issue.

  • 42 percent of voters approved of Obama’s overall job performance, with 53 percent disapproving
  • 14 percent approved of the work of Congress; 80 percent disapproved
  • 30 percent approved the performance of Democrats in Congress; 64 percent disapproved
  • 28 percent approved of the job done by Republicans in Congress; 66 percent disapproved
  • 43 percent approved of Obama’s handling of the economy; 55 percent disapproved
  • 41 percent approved of his performance on race relations; 51 percent disapproved
  • 38 percent approved of his job on health care; 59 percent disapproved
  • 37 percent approved of his handling of foreign policy; 57 percent disapproved
  • 36 percent approved of his work on immigration; 60 percent disapproved
  • 35 percent approved of his dealing with ISIS; 56 percent disapproved
  • 65 percent said the federal government is broken; 29 percent said its “just OK”; 5 percent said its working “pretty well”
  • 58 percent want Obamacare repealed; 38 percent want to keep it
  • 60 percent wished Obama had spent more time on the economy and less on Obamacare; 37 percent disagreed
  • 81 percent considered it “very” or “somewhat” likely ISIS will try an attack on American soil; 16 percent considered it unlikely
  • 68 percent favor building the Keystone XL pipeline; 26 percent do not
  • 62 percent feel race relations have become worse under Obama; 19 percent said they are better
  • 70 percent want Congress to investigate the IRS scandal until someone is held accountable; 22 percent do not
  • 63 percent believe the White House is refusing to release thousands of documents to cover up its own role in the IRS scandal; 22 percent believe its to protect confidential taxpayer information
  • 60 percent believe the Obama administration is covering up its role in the Benghazi scandal; 28 percent do not

The Democrats’ positive appraisal of 2014 comes despite the shellacking the party took in the midterm elections. But that might have been offset by the president’s success in bypassing Congress with executive actions to achieve his objectives on such issues as amnesty, Obamacare and increased environmental regulations.

Obama has issued 198 presidential memoranda during his first six years in office, more than any other president in U.S. history. He has also issued 195 executive orders.

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