Many would agree that the most powerful medium of the 20th century is film. Anti-Semitism has been on the big screen in both past and current movies and often watched by uninformed viewers who often cannot discern the filmmaker’s agenda.

Two-time Emmy award-winning director Stan Moore looks at the most notorious films of the 40s that utilized anti-Semitic stereotypes in an unnerving manner. The Nazis were strongly anti-Semitic in books, on billboards and especially in film. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s minister of propaganda, believed film was a very potent tool for molding public opinion.

Three Nazi films are reviewed for their lies and propaganda: “Triumph Of The Will,” “The Eternal Jew” and “Jud Suss.” All were masterfully produced with skillful editing, orchestrated camera shot angles and high production values. In the greatest documentary propaganda film of all time, “Triumph Of The Will,” Hitler was depicted as the “savior” of Germany and adored by all Germans. “The Wandering Jew” and “Jud Sus” were produced to convince viewers throughout Germany and Europe that Jews were evil, parasitical and “the demon behind the corruption of mankind.”

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As the “The Eternal Jew” was a documentary that failed to draw large audiences, “Jud Suss” was a narrative film that enjoyed much “box-office” success with some 20 million viewers. “Jud Suss” couched anti-Semitic images and stereotypes within a dramatic story with popular actors and lavish sets that included a cast of devious Jewish characters who corrupted government leaders and a virginal German woman.

Moore also reviewed a recently-produced English film, “An Education,” that conveyed a subtle anti-Semitic message by portraying the male lead as a Jew with despicable character. The agenda of the filmmaker had many of the anti-Semitic tones of the Nazi film, “Jud Suss.”

Special guest, renowned film critic and radio talk show host Michael Medved stated that the subject of Israel has long been scrupulously avoided by Hollywood the past 40 years. “Many film directors and actors do nothing at all about expressing their own Jewish identity or background,” he said, citing movie producer Steven Spielberg as a prime example, even though Spielberg is very comfortable with his Jewishness in public.

Spielberg’s film, “Munich,” was well made and provocative, but is clearly anti-Semitic. It is the story of the Israeli Mossad agents who hunted down and killed the terrorists who murdered the 11 Israeli Olympic athletics at the 1972 summer games in Munich. The movie is often more sympathetic to the Palestinian terrorists than the murdered athletes. As we often see in the media today when Israel fights back against Palestinian terror and missile attacks, the movie promotes the idea of a moral equivalency of the victims and the terrorist killers. It excuses violence as a moral reason for self-defense from the guilty Jew.

Medved stated, “‘Munich’ is, from beginning to end, a slander and trivialization of the slain athletes and the state of Israel.”

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