Minister and faith healer Art Thomas may be a young 30 years old, but he’s chalked up over 3,000 miracles in five years. He even lets others do the praying. What is God up to?

As a younger man, Art was visited by an angel who said the only thing necessary for a life of miracles is the presence of God. Art needed to stop seeking miracles and start seeking God Himself, since He’s with us all the time.

With childlike faith, Art studied the Gospels and the book of Acts. But it wasn’t until Art saw a video of Todd White that he understood what Mark 16:17-18 meant: these signs will accompany those who believe; and if these signs don’t accompany you, there must be something up with your belief.

Art says belief is the only credential necessary. Listen as Art explains what he means.

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IT'S SUPERNATURAL!: From zero to 3,000 miracles

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