Newsweek rocked with a cover that blared: "We Are All Socialists Now."

Newsweek rocked with a cover that blared: “We Are All Socialists Now.”

The Workers World Party is taking to New York City for a two-day conference to show how to spread socialism around the nation and world, and to explain why the time is ripe for such expansion.

The event, titled “Putting Socialist Revolution on the Table,” kicks off Saturday at the Shabazz Center and includes panel discussions on Black Lives Matter. It covers women and LGBT leadership, how to be a revolutionary and dispelling myths about China’s socialism.

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It also includes the discussion topic “fighting imperialism means building internationalism,” according to an advertisement sent out by the WWP.

Event organizers Teresa Gutierrez, Scott Williams and Monica Moorehead announced hundreds are attending from around the nation.

“They say the growing resistance to deepening economic inequality, and especially to racist police attacks, has awakened not only struggle in the streets but a desire to understand what is behind the growing crisis of the capitalist system,” WWP said. “It should offer a real alternative for any worker, oppressed person or activist wanting to combat the institutionalized racism, poverty and war that is plaguing the globe.”

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The group’s second planned panel is aimed at getting into the specifics of spreading socialism, including how far-left activists can team with Black Lives Matter to push the agenda.

“It is called ‘Building Worldwide Solidarity with Black Lives Matter and Migrants’ and will begin after the first panel ends,” WWP said.

Discussions will also include ways socialists can influence the 2016 elections.

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“Following this [second panel discussion], a special announcement will be made about WWP’s intervention in the 2016 national elections” and how the group will be “putting forward its own program through the elections,” the group said.

Among the other titles to be discussed: “An Historic View of Socialist Movements” and “Capitalism at a Dead end: The Decline and Dangers of Imperialism.”

The latter is described this way: “From the end of World War II to 2007, the capitalist class of ruthless billionaire bankers and corporate bosses counted on the boom part of the business cycle to rescue their system from the bust crisis of overproduction. Those days are over, for reasons to be discussed.”

Can the Republican Party save itself? Richard Viguerie has the prescription in “Takeover.”

One more: “The New Global Working Class and Its Revolutionary Potential,” to analyze the “crisis confronting us, with emphasis on its solution, for the workers and oppressed peoples.”

And finally, there’s this: “During Saturday dinner, youth and student organizers will discuss the Million Student March, nationally coordinated actions scheduled for Nov. 12.”

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