President Trump and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich

President Trump and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, now a Fox News contributor, relates how he’s known nine presidents, and President Donald Trump has been more effective during his first year in office than any other.

With the possible exception of Ronald Reagan.

“Here’s my assessment of President Trump as we mark the first anniversary of his inauguration Saturday: I have known nine presidents, beginning with President Richard Nixon. Of those nine, the only one who was as effective as President Trump in his first year was President Ronald Reagan,” Gingrich wrote in a Fox commentary.

“That judgment may surprise a lot of people, because the opposition in the news media and among the left-wing ‘resistance’ has been so strong and one-sided that they have consistently misrepresented and maligned President Trump and his administration.”

Trump’s actual list of accomplishments runs into the hundreds of items, including some that have been goals in Washington – like tax reform – for a generation or more.

But will the media, the left-leaning organizations, individuals, thank him?

Not likely.

Gingrich relates how Democrats and others on the far left side of the political spectrum reacted to President Trump’s election victory, over more than a dozen establishment Republicans in the primary and Hillary Clinton in the general election:

“These achievements sent the left into a state of shock. The day after President Trump’s inauguration, they organized mass rallies in Washington and other cities across the country,” he wrote.

He explains just how bad it has gotten, since “One year after … the left’s hostility toward him is even worse.”

“Professor Allen Guelzo, the Henry R. Luce Professor of the Civil War Era and Director of Civil War Era Studies at Gettysburg College, commented that the last time we saw this depth of hostility and contempt for a president was after the election of Abraham Lincoln. The slave owners of the South absolutely loathed him.”

“Making America great again is a thankless job, but it doesn’t have to be,” said Joseph Farah, co-founder of WND and the creator of a new campaign that offers an opportunity for Americans to thank the president in a personal way for his work.

“We, the American people, have the power to raise our voices in thanks for this president who has accomplished so much in his first year but has so little acclaim to show for it.”

In this spirit, WND launched the Thank Trump Card Campaign to give ordinary Americans a way to thank the president for his hard work and record of achievement on behalf of the American people.

Simply go to to choose one of our 10 unique e-card designs. You can add a personalized message to your card if you wish, and then simply click a button to send it electronically to the White House. It’s completely free of charge.

“As President Trump heads into a new year, it’s important he doesn’t lose the courage and boldness that have enabled him to defy the establishment and get so much done for the American people,” said Farah. “Given all the opposition he faces, it would be too easy for him to surrender to the forces that besiege him.”

That’s why is so important. As 2018 begins, it is a perfect time to look back with thankfulness to the man who made 2017 such a great year for America.

The campaign has been endorsed by leading conservatives such as Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity and covered by conservative news outlets such as Breitbart News and The Conservative Tribune is also among the list of promoters.

Gingrich warns that the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” now afflicting the media “has become a major barrier to accurate coverage of the Trump presidency.”

Regarding just the appointment of judges, the rolling back of red tape – the administration is repealing 22 regulations for every new one installed – and defeating ISIS, Gingrich says Trump is keeping campaign promise after campaign promise.

There are many other successes, such as the exploding economy, and while other issues are “works in progress,” after all, Trump’s only had one year, he pointed out.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have him in the White House as our nation’s 45th president,” he said.

Go to to view the 10 card design options, all of which can be personalized with additional messages and sent directly to the White House at no cost.

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