Talk about leading from behind. We used to think it shameful that Obama would lead from behind, by letting other world leaders do whatever heavy lifting needed to be done (not that much ever had to be done), and then Obama would just hop on the bandwagon –being praised by leftists for it.

Obama was the king of leading from behind – until now. It seems our dear Senate majority leader, the one and only (thank heavens) Mitch McConnell may have dethroned the king.

McConnell said last Tuesday that the Senate, “will go forward with an immigration debate, and I’m going to structure it in such a way that’s fair to everyone, and in the Senate when we have these rare kind of open debates, whoever gets to 60 wins.”

The rarity he describes is reserved only for when Republicans control the chamber. As demonstrated on many occasions, no Democratic majority would ever tolerate this.

Allow me to offer a translation: “I have not the backbone to lead on this issue, or frankly any issue. Nor do I give a hoot regarding the outcome. So rather than utilize our Senate majority status while we can, I will instead allow my good buddy Chuck Schumer to browbeat Republican moderate squishes to vote with him, while I lurk in the shadows and lead from behind. And truth be told, Chuck really runs the Senate anyway.”

In other words, Senate conservatives are to be locked out and will get nothing they want.

Mitch McConnell, and all the leadership are pathetic. Is this why we granted the Republicans in the Senate a majority when they beseeched us for our votes almost four years ago? How quickly they forget.

Actually, Mitch and his motley leadership crew did not forget, as they had no intention of fulfilling a single promise they made to us in 2014, or since. And this latest immigration debacle is just further proof, as is the massive two-year spending spree he and Schumer cooked up.

To McConnell, being “in charge,” as Senate majority leader is merely a title – that’s all. He is the puppet, and Schumer is the man behind the curtain. He has no will or conviction to fight for anything. Imagine Mitch perched at the lectern in the Senate chamber for eight hours straight, as Nancy Pelosi was in the House. It would never happen.

And not that Pelosi gives a rip about illegal immigrants, DACA kids, or Dreamers – she doesn’t. But you have to admit she at least cares about the future of her deranged party. She understands that the future of her party lies in illegals and is willing to go to the mat for the lawbreakers. What has McConnell ever gone to the mat for – I mean, other than to thwart conservatives at every opportunity?

The problem we as a nation have now is that the public are receiving bonuses from their employers and their paychecks are growing due to the tax-cut law, so they no longer care what happens in Washington. This leaves the smarmy politicians to do as they wish, adding hundreds of billions to an already bloated budget.

And worse, what few if any have reminded us of is that this massive $300-$400 billion increase in spending adopted early Friday morning will, forever more, become the new baseline for whatever spending bill comes after it.

Republicans had a great opportunity to begin to right our financial ship, or at least stabilize it somewhat, but, once again, they squander it.

The Trump tax cuts have already begun to pay dividends in the form of increased revenue. Rather than allowing the economy to expand, McConnell and Schumer opt instead to consume every last dime of the expansion and heap yet more debt upon us.

I agree with President Trump’s earlier remark, although maybe not for entirely the same reasons. Shut the government down. Shut it all down.

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