Banner advertising Harvest Crusade (CBN News)

Banner advertising Harvest Crusade (CBN News)

After multiple complaints, including a “serious threat,” an advertising company removed a series of billboards depicting evangelist Greg Laurie holding a Bible.

The ads posted at a popular mall in Southern California promoted Laurie’s upcoming Harvest Crusade at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Aug. 17-19, reported CBN News.

The event, in its 29th year, is expected to draw tens of thousands of people.

The Irvine Company, a local real-estate firm, agreed to post large billboards promoting the crusade at Fashion Island, a prestigious outdoor mall in Orange County.

After complaints, the Irvine Company required Harvest to remove the Bible from the artwork, and the evangelical ministry complied. But the change apparently didn’t stop the complaints, and the Irvine Company completely removed all the advertisements and billboards for the crusade, reported CBN.

“There was nothing overtly religious about it,” John Collins, the executive director of Harvest, told CBN News.

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The Bible didn’t have any religious symbolism on it nor even the word “Bible.”

Irvine Company officials did not reply to CBN News for comment.

CBN noted the contract between the business and Laurie reads, “Management reserves the right to not display any materials that could be constructed as vulgar or offensive.”

Collins said he’s not upset with The Irvine Company, pinning the blame on “the culture.”

“Obviously, they’re catching heat for allowing us to run these ads,” he said of Irvine. “We feel it is just unfortunate that people are complaining.

“It’s sad that our culture is at this degree of intolerance,” he said. ” … There’s such intolerance against Christianity that we aren’t allowed to state that or to publicly advertise this event. That’s amazing.”

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