The squeamish need read no further. What follows details an ISIS execution of an adult, by means of an “abortion” – the brutality of which should give us pause to reconsider the procedure being used on our unborn.

The ISIS reign of terror began with shooting massive groups of victims. It then turned to more outrageous forms of execution. Beheadings became in vogue and remain so. But a group never known to exercise creativity for the benefit of his fellow man managed to become creative when it came to developing more diabolical means of execution.

Subsequent victims suffered a range of execution methods, including being burned alive, lowered into the water in cages to drown, tied up to vehicles laden with explosives and blown up, having hands bitten off and bleeding to death.

But one of the more grisly execution methods was used in 2015 in Iraq. A journalist of unknown nationality was accused of spying. As an example to others who might be similarly inclined, ISIS tied the journalist’s legs to two vehicles that were then driven in opposite directions – his body ripped apart. The victim – his heart still beating – was then left to die a slow and agonizing death.

How can any one human being be so brutal toward another, completely detached from any sense of decency over the act performed? The answer lies in how ISIS perceives its victims. Even though most were fellow Muslims, ISIS sees them as non-human. Why? Because they failed to embrace the version of Islam ISIS does. Thus, for ISIS, the act of dehumanizing victims made it easier not only to take these lives but to do so in a manner that, in itself, was also inhumane.

No one knows how many other victims have suffered similar executions. But something about this particular means of execution – which is basically performing an “abortion” of an adult resulting in his lingering death – cannot be ignored. What this unfortunate journalist endured, if one rationally considers a beating heart representative of human life, is really no different than what a human fetus suffers during an abortion.

While we can easily condemn ISIS executioners for their brutality, why are those who perform abortions excused?

Consider what the abortion process involves. In a 10-15 minute procedure, a local anesthetic is administered to the patient’s cervix to numb the mother’s pain. Keep in mind, however, no similar pain medication is considered for the fetus. A cannula – a long plastic tube connected to a suction device – is inserted into the uterus where the fetus and placenta are then sucked out, often emerging in pieces. Just like the process ISIS used to execute the journalist, the end result of an abortion is the same: a human body being torn apart.

Planned Parenthood – a nonprofit organization providing reproductive health care including abortion – endeavors to dehumanize a fetus. However, it does admit “abortion stops a beating heart.” As that heart can be none other than human, Planned Parenthood acts irresponsibly in not acknowledging that abortions, in fact, claim human lives.

Astonishingly, an abortion may not actually stop the heartbeat immediately. There are times the little human being owning it clings to life, taking time before ultimately succumbing to the procedure. A doctor for a Planned Parenthood tissue harvesting partner admits at times the baby’s “heart actually is still beating” following the abortion. And an ex-procurement technician has shared her own first-person account of having watched a baby’s heart beat before dissecting its brain.

Although a steady decrease in the number of abortions has occurred in the U.S. between 2014-2016, the numbers are still staggering: from 926,240 in 2014, to 914,000 in 2015 and down to 893,000 in 2016.

A critic of abortion who knew of no woman going into an abortion procedure viewing it as other than a somber and sad experience was appalled later to learn about Oprah Winfrey’s “Shout Your Abortion” advocacy featured in her “O” magazine.

The “Shout Your Abortion” campaign was started in 2015 by Amelia Bonow who, having undergone an abortion by Planned Parenthood, posted her horror on Facebook upon learning of government plans to defund the organization. Unbelievably, Bonow’s Twitter comment endeavored to put a “happy face” on the process of taking an unborn child’s life, describing her experience at Planned Parenthood as one she remembers “with a nearly inexpressible level of gratitude.” Winfrey encourages women of Bonow’s ilk to shout their stories out. It is as if society is to celebrate women bearing the “scarlet letter A” of abortion.

Undoubtedly of no concern to “Shout Your Abortion” are the stories of the men who, having once supported same, have come to suffer immense guilt for doing so. The antithesis of “Shout Your Abortion” is “” in which the voices of broken fathers, to which the radical feminists refuse to listen, are finally being heard. In videos, they share their stories, triggered by “a lifetime of heartache, guilt and regret” over the role they played in killing their unborn child.

One radical feminist supporting abortion argues in a new book, if Christians “truly value women and healthy families,” they must accept that not wanting a baby “is an imminently appropriate reason to end a pregnancy” – i.e., that allowing a woman to be the final arbiter is “reproductive justice.” This argument naively ignores the fact that for women bearing such an attitude to then get pregnant is “reproductive irresponsibility.” It suggests one who opts to go on a joyride should face no responsibility for the consequences of having done so.

Recently, a truck hauling 4,500 lobsters in Maine was involved in an accident in which the crustaceans perished. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has demanded a gravestone be erected at the spot of the accident so those driving by never forget the “countless sensitive crustaceans” that died there. Meanwhile, it is estimated that since 1973 in the U.S. there have been approximately 250 million chemically induced abortions and 60 million surgical abortions. Where is the shout out for those children’s gravestones?

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