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Silicon Valley's attack on conservatives now in Congressional Record

An organization that favors legal immigration while opposing illegal immigration is warning social media giants that their suppression of conservative voices has been entered into the Congressional Record.

William Gheen, the president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, also is dispatching letters to Google, Facebook and Twitter charging their blocking of his organization’s access to constituents, censorship of its video library and manipulation of search rankings has damaged the group.

“We hope that you will now honor our request to remove any shadow bans, censorship, or unequal products and services being applied to us,” the letters explain, “due to our political stances against illegal immigration and amnesty legislation in D.C.”

The group recently asserted in a report it is being “severely censored, hampered, and abused by the Silicon Valley corporations of Google, Facebook, and Twitter, which publicly oppose and lobby against our positions while simultaneously providing us with unequal services based on our political creed which can be defined by our support for America’s existing border and immigration laws.”

“These companies have collectively reduced our web traffic to our main website at ALIPAC.us, reduced our search result rankings drastically, banned us at times, shadow banned us covertly, suppressed our content and releases, blocked ads, removed our ability to place ads, deleted videos and content, made multiple false accusations of ‘hate speech’ or ‘hateful content’ against us, and refused to verify our accounts,” ALIPAC reported.

It’s one of many conservative organizations facing similar censorship by the tech giants, who claim to be open and neutral platforms for speech.

Officials from the giants repeatedly have stated that they want to limit “hate” speech on their sites, and then they define “hate” speech as that which fails to agree with their progressive agenda.

Such efforts almost always target conservative and/or Christian organizations trying to maintain an online presence.

One example cited in ALIPAC’s report was that a Google worker or activist “empowered by Google” was given administrator access to its YouTube channel and without permission or consent, went in and deleted all 115 videos the group had assembled.

Many of the videos were linked by CBS, ABC, MSNBC, Fox News and others, ALIPAC said.

The group pleaded for help restoring them but the company “refused.”

Similar moves were noted by Facebook and Twitter, the report said.

“We respect the rights of companies to set their own policies and operate as they see fit, [but] American conservatives like us face rules that are arbitrarily and capriciously enforced. Our organization’s abilities, influence, and capabilities have been greatly harmed by what we believe to be unfair business practices and violations of our American civil rights by the Silicon Valley corporations of Facebook, Google, Twitter and others.”

The organization on Wednesday announced that its report documenting unfair treatment by social media companies was entered into the Congressional Record by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa.

ALIPAC presented the report to numerous GOP lawmaker offices in Washington just days ago, and King’s decision is part of his effort to investigate Silicon Valley cyber censorship of conservatives through hearings he’s held as chairman of the Subcommittee on the Constitution & Civil Justice.

There are nearly 80 organizations that are being suppressed “by Silicon Valley corporations that are owned, managed, and staffed by socialist Democrat partisans,” the group said.

“The reason our racially inclusive non-violent illegal immigration fighting political organization is now fighting Silicon Valley censorship is because these companies have taken steps to force vastly inferior products and services upon ALIPAC,” declared Gheen. “Collectively, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are cutting off our air and severely restricting the reach, impact, and influence of our national organization in a way that costs us access to potential volunteers, donors, candidates, lawmakers, and voters. We believe their goal is to destroy our organization in a partisan effort to affect the outcome of U.S. elections for Democrats and pro-Amnesty Republicans, and pass legislation providing amnesty to millions of illegals they support through massive, expensive lobbying efforts in D.C.”

WND reported just last month that ALIPAC was taking what has become a civil rights issue to Washington.

Gheen said at the time the tech giants “make their bias clear by banning conservatives who dare to complain about illegal immigration and dangerous Muslim refugee resettlement programs in America, while allowing antifa and other violent leftist extremist groups free rein on their platforms to call for violent revolution and the assassination of President Trump.”

It started with claims that Russia influenced the 2016 election in the U.S. through its purchases of online ads, largely in favor of Donald Trump.

In response, social-media companies decided to restrict the access some groups have to their platforms.

Given the progressive orientation of Silicon Valley, almost all of the targets are conservative or libertarian voices.

Companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon have put limits on conservatives such as Diamond and Silk, Center for Immigration Studies, Ann Coulter, Alex Jones, California Republican congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute Daniel McAdams, Milo Yiannopoulos, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., Prager University, Overpasses for America, Canadian intelligence expert and prominent anti-Islamist researcher Tom Quiggin, Jihad Watch, David Horowitz of Frontpage Magazine, YouTubers James Allsup and Lauren Southern, Steven Crowder and Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin, the ALIPAC report said.

The group said Twitter “is now flagging use of the legal term ‘illegal alien’ as ‘hate speech,’ while the DOJ is reminding everyone illegal alien is the proper legal term for illegal immigrants.”