Midterm elections resulted in a split decision. Unsurprisingly, based on historical midterm trends, Democrats took back the House while Republicans increased their Senate control.

Among those riding the Democratic wave into the House is the progressives’ poster “child” – despite her embarrassingly naïve statements – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. One such naïve statement she made, responding to a question last week about how “Medicare for All” would be paid, is, with minor tweaking, apropos to what Americans can now expect. While Cortez’s response was, “You just pay for it,” voters will soon discover what it is they are paying for.

With midterms over and Robert Mueller’s upcoming release of his Trump/Russia collusion investigation, some hope that a lack of evidence would put the matter to rest. That will not happen. As ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., will most likely assume its chairmanship, re-opening and expanding the probe, dragging it out for at least the balance of Trump’s first term.

Americans can also count on little being accomplished to secure our borders as the House will focus on undermining Trump’s efforts to build the wall and contain illegal immigration. Foolishly, Democrats who believe America should not be the world’s police force seem to believe we should be the world’s provider of a better life for illegal immigrants unwilling to fight for it in their own countries.

Applying the Cortez logic to immigration costs, the funding for improving life for those illegally crossing our borders rather than waiting their turn for legal entry will magically appear as we “just pay for it.” Meanwhile illegals, having never paid into our welfare system, will benefit from it.

Interestingly, during the 1928 presidential election, the Republican Party came up with the a line promising voters Herbert Hoover would put “a chicken in every pot.” While it was a good marketing ploy, helping Hoover win the election, it was a quote his opponent, Democrat Al Smith, mocked.

Nine decades later, Democrats, particularly their progressive component, promised before the midterm elections “a chicken in every pot” in the form of an impossible-to-fund “Medicare for All” as well as “benefits-for-all” programs that can bankrupt our treasury.

Lost upon the Democratic candidates who made similar promises to win their majority today is that those promises were not kept, largely aided by the Great Depression, serving to make Hoover a presidential footnote as a one-term president. With its efforts to clog the wheels of a government headed by Donald Trump, this House majority will, as Nancy Pelosi threatened beforehand, initiate mind-boggling investigations to further undercut his presidency, running up exorbitant costs in the process.

It was a smug Pelosi who obviously was elated by the election of a Democratic House majority. She immediately promised, “Democrats pledge a Congress that works for the people – for the people.” Of course the anti-Trump drum she has been beating for two years and promises to launch numerous investigations of everyone except Hillary Clinton suggest otherwise. Pelosi managed to keep a straight face while claiming, “The Democratic Congress will be led with transparency and openness.” We have not heard such false optimism since her mentor, former President Barack Obama, made a similar empty promise.

In January, Democrats will select one of their own to serve as speaker of the House. Obviously, former-Speaker Pelosi will be running hard for that position. Interestingly, the last time a speaker stepped down when his party lost the majority, but hung around long enough to serve again as speaker when that majority was reinstated, was Democrat Sam Rayburn (1949-1953 and 1955 until his death in 1961). Most speakers have had the wisdom either to retire or allow a younger party member to lead the pack – but not Pelosi, 78. As power-hungry as ever, she will be relentless in her efforts to reclaim the speaker’s seat.

As Pelosi fights for the speakership, her fellow Democrats will know, seeking to vote for the right person, the only thing they have to fear is Pelosi herself. She does not take kindly to those refusing to render unto her that which, she believes, is rightly hers.

Hopefully, House Democrats, if they are truly interested in serving the people, giving them priority over tribal interests, will mutiny against Pelosi and elect someone more capable of bridging the gap between parties. Pelosi is a Trump hate-monger bearing other baggage as well.

Of concern should be her mental state. She has repeatedly demonstrated an inability to complete sentences or thoughts.

To some extent, she appears to have relinquished her leadership role. In the aftermath of the 2016 election and Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters’ rant about getting confrontational with Republican leaders, Pelosi initially chided Waters, only later to agree.

Upon becoming speaker in 2007, Pelosi clearly reveled the role – one important in leading the Congress in fully understanding and debating any and all legislation passing before it. It should have left her little time for non-speaker related activities. However, while not having time to read the Obamacare legislation before voting on it, suggesting “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it,” she miraculously found time to write a book touting her personal achievements. Undoubtedly, some government time was spent doing so.

Additionally disturbing is that Pelosi praises her party for having Muslim members of Congress, demanding they boast about it at rallies. Yet, she has devoted no time to reading the Quran to better understand what exactly it is she is helping to promote.

As a courtesy, the speaker has a military aircraft available to fly him/her back home when Congress is in recess. It should be noted how “Queen” Pelosi treated the aircraft like a party plane, with alcohol running freely for family and contributors.

If another Pelosi coronation as speaker occurs, voters will quickly find out, and may not particularly like, what it is they are paying for. They will discover too it includes putting a chicken in every illegal alien’s pot.

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