It’s just a Christmas portrait of President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

There’s no international policy involved. No national policy. No immigration policy. No comment on the media. No comment on Democrats. No hint of the 2020 election. Nothing.

Yet the leftists in America still are losing their cool over the image.

Apparently, just being it’s President Trump and his wife.

At Twitchy was the comment about how “super-harpy” Ana Navarro was losing it over the image.

“Navarro gives Scrooge a run for his money with nasty tweet about the Trump’s Christmas portrait,” the commentary said.

Her snark? “I really don’t care. Do u?”

The image was released by the White House and carried by multiple news outlets, including ABC News.

“Honestly, it’s a lovely, festive photo, and a tradition that’s been around forever … so cue the crazies shrieking about how much they hate the Trumps,” Twitchy said. “It’s a Christmas picture of the president and first lady, THE OUTRAGE. HOW DARE THEY?”

“We get it Ana, you hate Trump and Melania and ooh, what clever snark using the first lady’s jacket from earlier this year BUT give it a rest, it’s almost Christmas and this is just a Christmas photo. You can play the whole, ‘Look at how edgy I am I hate the president’ card all you want in 2019,” the commentary said.

Navarro, however, was just the start of the whine.

“I hate them,” said Lauren F.


“Short and sweet and to the point. I agree,” added another anonymous commenter.

Several asked about the president’s son, Barron, and why he was not in the picture, and Norm Harriman said he was “probably at his foster parents.”

The president’s son was not the only one being attacked. Someone has photoshopped the nearly-nude image of a model in where Melania was in the original.

Another called her a “long-term paid escort.”

“William J. Plaud said, “At least Grinch had a heart, and learned from his mistake.”

Wrote Brandon Horan, “I look forward to their next official portraits: mugshots.”

One exhibited a whole lot of issues, stating, “So the #FakeChristian GOP, upset that Jesus was missing from Christmas, brought religion back into the holidays by putting the devil in the WH.”

The comments then deteriorated to the level that includes “Have yourself a porny little Christmas.”

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