Neve Campbell portrays a witch in a scene from "The Craft" (courtesy Columbia Pictures)

Neve Campbell portrays a witch in a scene from “The Craft” (courtesy Columbia Pictures)

In a world where people walk on eggshells for fear of saying something offensive to others, another phrase is rearing its potentially ugly head: “witch hunt.”

Its constant use by President Donald Trump to describe the special counsel probe into alleged Russian collusion is apparently “deeply problematic” and “hurtful” to the actual community of witches in America.

“Many are mad, and the rest are rolling their eyes,” David Salisbury, a lead organizer at Washington-based witch community Firefly House, told the Daily Beast.

“It is particularly horrifying because many modern practitioners of witchcraft devote their lives to seeking compassion and justice.”

The term “witch hunt” has become one of Trump’s favorites, using it on Twitter more than 60 times, including four on Sunday.

For instance, Trump tweeted Dec. 16: ‘”Thank you, people are starting to see and understand what this Witch Hunt is all about. Jeff Sessions should be ashamed of himself for allowing this total HOAX to get started in the first place!”


The Daily Beast noted: “For those who practice witchcraft, the president’s words bring up a painful period in history, when men and women were accused of being witches and murdered, both in the American colonies and in Europe.”

Witchraft author Kitty Randall, known in the New Age world as “Amber K., says the real-life hunting of witches have left a “traumatic emotional imprint” on today’s practitioners.

“To have him compare his situation to the worst period in our history is just infuriating,” she told the paper.

As far as putting a hex on the commander in chief, “I don’t think we need to attack Trump with spells,” Randall said. “He’s in the middle of a process of self-destruction.”

“Trump is safe from any ‘witch hunt’ because no self-respecting coven would have him,” Randall added.

The witches are merely hoping the president gives up the witch comparison.

“If Mueller’s investigation were truly a ‘witch hunt,’ then Donald Trump would be hanging naked from chains in a cold barn somewhere, being tortured into admitting his pact with Satan, before being burned at the stake,” Randall said.

“Instead he’s golfing at Mar-a-Lago.”

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