Across America, in theaters near you, a fantastic film opens March 29. It pulls back the curtain on the subterfuge of the abortion industry. This movie should be supported by pro-life Americans across the board. As champions of justice and guardians of truth, we must invest the time and money to make this a success.

Hollywood liberals and America’s No. 1 abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, did not want a film released nationwide revealing the lies and exploitation that rationalizes taking the lives of thousands of unborn little babies each day. “Unplanned” does exactly that in a true story featuring Planned Parenthood’s own “Employee of the Year” and youngest director of an abortion “clinic” in its infamous history.

Abby Johnson had participated in 22,000 abortions before being radically transformed, renouncing the manipulation of women. She began speaking out boldly and passionately to protect innocent little children waiting to be born. Johnson had been one of their most gifted spokeswomen, encouraging multitudes of vulnerable girls and women by deceiving them: “This is women’s health care, and these are your reproductive rights!”

Then God intervened. Pro-choice advocates told her she’d become “an enemy of one of the most powerful organizations on the planet.” Today they’re terrified, knowing her amazing turnaround will impact millions as we who genuinely care about the lives of unborn babies respond to the challenge by attending the movie, inviting family and friends plus spreading the word on its availability.

Spoiler Alert: It’s rated R

In advance it’s important to know that there is an R-rating, but there’s an explanation behind this devious tactic to dissuade people from supporting the film. This actually exposes the hypocrisy and bigotry of Hollywood.

As was the case with the same rating for “Passion of the Christ,” Mel Gibson’s classic story of the Crucifixion, there are “some disturbing, bloody images.” The producers did nothing gratuitous, nor did they want to sanitize what really takes place, which is obfuscated by proponents of abortion.

Hollywood liberals gleefully produce movies like the current “Happy Death Day 2U,” which they target to a youth audience and brand it PG-13. This film features violent murders, a slasher theme, lots of blood and gore, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography references, profanity and blasphemy of God and Jesus Christ.

Almost 30 leaders signed a letter of protest calling attention to this clever strategy to keep people, parents and pastors from supporting “Unplanned.” Some of the signers include Gray Frederickson, who won an Oscar for “Godfather II”; Gerald Molen did the same for “Schindler’s List”; Gov. Mike Huckabee; Dr. Alveda King, niece of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.; and other respected individuals.

Planned Parenthood propaganda

A year ago the former president of Planned Parenthood came to our locality. I didn’t pay a penny to attend the event, but I prayed fervently for her and the crowd being deceived by her celebrity smile and slick presentation.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a eugenicist who influenced Hitler, declaring, “We want a world freer, happier, cleaner – we want a race of thoroughbreds!” She strategically established her first clinic in Harlem in 1930 because that’s where the black people she labeled “human weeds” lived. She described it as “an experimental clinic established for the benefit of the colored people.”

Planned Parenthood “clinics” love to prey on the plight of poor black women. That’s why they plant many of their abortion chambers in their neighborhoods.

To learn more about Sanger who wanted to “exterminate the Negro population” and her multimillion dollar organization that still is supported by your and my tax dollars (this must be stopped!), I encourage you to read a book written by my friend Dr. George Grant, “Killer Angel: a Short Biography of Planned Parenthood’s Founder, Margaret Sanger.”

Join ‘Jane Roe’ of Roe v. Wade

“I am dedicated to spending the rest of my life undoing the law that bears my name!”

Norma McCorvey, the beautifully redeemed woman at the center of the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion on demand in America made this pledge prior to her death in February 2017. Recent developments in our nation have galvanized scores to arise and align with this pledge to protect the most precious amongst us, unborn little babies. With renewed resolve, upholders of true “social justice” must align with her.

Because of extremism in pro-abortion advocacy even to the point where infanticide is becoming a brutal reality, millions of fair-minded Americans, including masses of young people, are identifying themselves with safeguarding the unborn. Pro-life momentum is building, and recent polls reflect this increasingly.

The value of the visual

Educators universally acknowledge the value of visuals when used properly to call attention to a cause. Grisly pictures of the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews or the dehumanizing brutality of black Americans during the Civil Rights Movement were uncomfortable but essential. Remember that the producers of “Schindler’s List” donated a copy of the movie to every public and private high school in America?

When it comes to the issue of abortion in America, we must not allow ourselves to back away from seeing the brutal reality of what’s really occurring. If we shrink back from viewing graphic photos of what happens in an actual abortion procedure, we can at least view the awe inspiring visuals of developing babies in the womb now made possible by extraordinary advances in medical science.

High-tech sonograms of beautiful babies developing inside the mother at various stages of development is causing Americans to change their position on abortion. Or how about the remarkable photo of the 21-week preborn in-utero grasping the surgeon’s finger during corrective surgery for spina bifida? Google it and marvel at the miracle of pregnancy.

We’re not merely dealing with “products of conception” but a person who has the “right to life” as God states in sacred Scripture and we herald in our Declaration of Independence. This is consistent with Christ’s call to “love our neighbor” as we honor the dignity of human life as the thread involved in all justice-related issues. It is the life-connection that compels us to speak up and safeguard the poor, disabled, elderly, dying, the prisoner, the AIDS patient, the sexually enslaved or any of life’s needy and most vulnerable.

Here’s the deal: Pray for the success of this film; post this commentary to five family members and friends encouraging them to attend. Pastors, inform your flock and mobilize to purchase a block of tickets and go together as a congregation.

In Scripture it is recorded that God spoke to the apostle Paul in a vision, “Do not be afraid, keep on speaking, do not be silent” (Acts 18:9). I believe He’s saying the same to you and me in this critical time.

30-minute trailer of “Unplanned”:

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