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Fate worse than death for New Zealand?

Ever since the shooting stopped at the two mosques in New Zealand, our media – and likely world media – have been filled with the theme of the atrocities perpetrated against Muslims. Essentially, the message has been “white people” are responsible and that of course means “Donald Trump is at fault.” In a bizarre incident, demonstrators in New York confronted Chelsea Clinton and blamed her for the incident and hate!

What utter hogwash and nonsense.

But it certainly is an easy way to divert attention from what is really going on in the world: the ongoing battle between Radical Islam and traditional Christianity.

To many, “them’s fightin’ words”; but they present a dilemma we all face in this world of 2019. Every time bullets are fired, swords and knives wielded, or fists fly against some perceived opposition, the media present a picture that fits its own preconceived notion of who is responsible and why; mainly that whites are guilty and Islam was protecting itself.

In the New Zealand killings, there’s no doubt the man behind the trigger is white. There’s no doubt, because he wrote about it, he had an intent, and his target was Islam and its believers, Muslims.

Even though Donald Trump was mentioned in his screed, he said he did not favor him nor did he want him to succeed. In fact, his goal was to create dissention in the United States to disrupt our country. Yet to hear and read the media babble over the last week, you would never know that.

Hours of broadcast as well as internet and print news are filled with thousands of words about the killings. Most are sympathetic for the victims.

That is as it should be; but what is wrong with overall media reportage is there is virtually NO coverage of the mass killings of Christians across the world by militant Islamists – the same day, the same week.

Did you know that the same day as the New Zealand shooting, more than 20 Christians in the Philippines were shot in their church by Muslim militants?

The same week in Nigeria, Christians were the continued targets of militant Islamists, with 53 dead and 43 homes destroyed. The day before, another village was a target – 17 dead and multiple homes destroyed. A month prior, 16 were killed in another village.

Did you see any headlines about those killings? Did you get inundated with sympathy for the dead Christians, or anger against the Islamist killers?

No, you did not. Media ignored it and them.

I could go on and on with statistics of citizens and priests being the victims as unprovoked attacks against Christians continue with people killed, families destroyed and churches and towns desecrated.

Unfortunately, the media continues to ignore the attacks, the destruction, the injuries and the deaths. It’s as though it never happens.

While the media lament the New Zealand deaths and provide news coverage of the survivors and the burials of the dead, the government of New Zealand is in the midst of changing the face of that beautiful country,

I’ve been to New Zealand and remain struck by the physical beauty of the land, the kindness of the people and the freedoms that existed. It is a place that should be sacrosanct. But the shooter made certain his hateful act against Muslims would lead to an over-reaction by non-Muslims to the point that many residents see their country being irrevocably changed, as noted by a writer for Life Site News.

Extraordinarily strict gun laws are being proposed, even though their current gun restrictions are very strict.

There’s great scrutiny now for what can be called “hate speech” with the perpetrators facing legal strictures.

Extra protection is being given to mosques by armed police even though New Zealand police usually aren’t armed.

Bookstores with any volumes that might be regarded as “anti-Islam” are being told to remove them.

Even more concerning to many is that ALL women are being urged to wear a hijab; Christian and Catholic Churches are holding Muslim services; and the Muslim call to prayer is being broadcast nationally, in person, and on TV and radio with Muslim prayers being read aloud.

In what is considered by many an over-reaction, Catholic priests and bishops have supported the “inter-faith” attitude to the extent of having joint services and even with Catholic school students praying in mosques.

Is New Zealand reacting to the horror of the shootings and respect for the dead – or giving in to Islam and accepting it without question?

More importantly, is the same thing happening in the western world and that includes the United States?

The death count in Europe of people killed in Islamist attacks total in the thousands. Those attacks continue.

Never forget, in the United States more than 3,000 Americans were killed in one day by Islamist terrorists who perpetrated the World Trade Center attacks, and many more have died since.

At what point do we have the courage to report the truth of what is going on – or have we lost already because of lack of courage?

The problem is, the media have turned into a mass movement with homogenized thinking. There is so little original thought, perceptive analysis of what is transpiring and what it all means, that media are rendered impotent except for their ability to rile up the unthinking masses and spread untruths and innuendo.

With media, there is no “at best.” There is only “at worst” – and we will ultimately suffer for it.

Actually let me modify that statement: our children will suffer for it, and that is an abomination. It must be changed.

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