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Limbaugh: Obama, Mueller gave Dems 'club' to pummel Trump

Official portrait of Barack Obama unveiled in February 2018

Every day for more than two years, Barack Obama and other anti-Trump Democrats gave their party a club to bash President Trump.

That was the verdict Monday from Rush Limbaugh, who was discussing the news that special counsel Robert Mueller’s report cleared President Trump and his campaign of Democratic claims that his 2016 organization colluded with Russia.

But a the damage already has been done, Rush Limbaugh said, calling  it “reprehensible.”

“Robert Mueller, everybody on his team, John Brennan, James Clapper, Barack Obama, Sally Yates, Bruce Ohr, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Peter Strzok Smirk, Lisa Page, they gave the Democratic Party everything they could have hoped for in reality,” he said. “Those people gave the Democrat Party a billy club to hit Donald Trump over the head with constantly, every day, for more than two years.”

Limbaugh added: “I think that one of the reasons this investigation was started, the Mueller special counsel investigation, one of the reasons it was started and one of the reasons it went so long was to distract and cover up the real collusion and conspiracy and criminality from the Obama people, the Hillary people, the Steele dossier, the Russians and all of it.”

He explained how the constant string of lies becomes powerful.

“Imagine that for two years I got on my high horse and was telling you with fairly confident certainty that something you really wanted to believe was gonna happen. Suppose that I told you beginning two years ago that Donald Trump was going to see to it that the Department of Justice indicted Hillary Clinton and that she was going to be accused of colluding with the Russians and being a central figure in this entire hoax. And that the indictment of Hillary Clinton could possibly lead all the way up to the Obama Oval Office, including Brennan and Clapper.

“For two years I tell you that I know this is gonna happen and that I’ve got sources telling me this. Now, because of the relationship that I have with you that’s been built up over these many years, you would believe me,” he said.

“Imagine if I had lied to you for two years about something you really considered important and you really think needed to happen, and I was here every day and many times every day assuring you that I knew it was going to happen, that the evidence was there. That not only was Hillary gonna be indicted, she was gonna be convicted because we all know, and I’m talking to people who have seen it and I tell you all this.

“And then imagine one day after two years of that the Trump Department of Justice announces that there will be no indictment of Hillary Clinton. After two years everything I’ve told you gets blown to smithereens.”

Rush Limbaugh

He went on: “Imagine two years of that. And imagine me doing so with great confidence, imagine me citing other sources. Imagine I’m the only one saying it, though. No other talk show is saying it because I’m making it up. You can’t hear this anywhere else. I’m making it all up. Hannity’s out there wondering, what the hell’s going on? They’re all wondering, ‘What the hell’s Limbaugh doing?’ Drudge is wondering.

“And I got nothing. After two years, I’ve got nothing,” he said.

He said the media could have stopped the rumor-mongering and attempts to damage Trump.

“They chose to side with it instead. They chose to become part of it. The American mainstream media became a part of the Mueller team, they became a part of the American counterintelligence apparatus. They became quasi-members of the Obama administration. They became as big an enemy of Donald Trump as the Democrat Party is.

“The damage that they have done in the process here is incalculable. What would have been the results in the midterm elections if the Republicans in Congress had fully supported Trump and his agenda in the first two years? How many things might they have accomplished? How far along would we be building the wall?”

He also explained how Trump’s critics conspired to create their story line that Trump did something wrong.

He posted on his website a list of comments from various officials who drew their scripted messages from the bash-Trump jar during the two years of the investigation.

ROSEMARY CHURCH: “President Trump’s former personal attorney is about to deliver a political bombshell.”

ROSANNA SCOTTO: “bombshell allegations…”

PHILLIP MENA: “…a bombshell!”

NANCY CORDES: “…drop a bombshell.”

DAVE BRIGGS: “…bombshell…”

JOHN AVLON: …the really bombshell revelation…”

YASMIN VOSSOUGHIAN: …bombshell allegations…”

AYMAN MOHYELDIN: …bombshell details…

DON LEMON: … what could be the biggest bombshell of them all.”

NANCY PELOSI: “We saw cold, hard evidence of the Trump campaign — indeed, the Trump family — eagerly intending to collude.”

DICK BLUMENTHAL: “…colluding with the leader of a hostile power.”

ADAM SCHIFF: I could certainly say with confidence that there is significant evidence of collusion.”

ERIC SWALWELL: “…collusion…”

JERRY NADLER: “…collusion…”

BETO O’ROURKE: “…collusion…”

MAXINE WATERS: “There was collusion! If they just do their work and do their job they will find out it was collusion.”

JIM SCIUTTO: “…the golden shower allegation.”

ERIN BURNETT: “…Moscow prostitutes urinating…”

DON LEMON: “He brought up what he called, ‘the golden showers thing.'”

CHRIS CILLIZZA: “…the golden showers….”

CHRISTINE ROMANS: “These golden shower allegations…”

ALEX MARQUARDT: “The golden shower allegation…”

JEFFREY TOOBIN: “This golden showers claim…”

NATASHA BERTRAND: “…allegations that he had prostitutes pee on a bed.”

RANDI KAYE: “…Russians had a so-called ‘pee tape’ of prostitutes, the golden showers thing.”

JIM SCIUTTO: “Are the walls closing in?”

BOB MENENDEZ: “It seems to me that the walls are closing in on the president.”

LAURENCE TRIBE: “He feels the walls closing in!”

DON LEMON: “The walls are closing in.”

MATT VISER: “The walls sort of closing in.”

MARA GAY: “The walls are closing in.”

NICOLLE WALLACE: “It feels like the walls are closing in.”

STEVE SCHMIDT: “He sees the walls closing in.”

DAVID AXELROD: “Those walls are closing in on him.”

DICK BLUMENTHAL: “The walls are closing in on Donald Trump and his inner circle.”

NEERA TANDEN: “This is a scandal of 15 on a 1-to-10 level.”

JOHN DEAN: “This is a level that Richard Nixon never went to.”

JEFFREY TOOBIN: “…worse than what Nixon did during Watergate.”

CARL BERNSTEIN: “Today, I read the articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon, and everybody should go read Article 2 of it and how similar it is to what we’ve seen Trump do here.”

DICK BLUMENTHAL: “It is a break-the-glass moment.”

WOLF BLITZER: “…a slow-motion Saturday Night Massacre.”

SHEPARD SMITH: “…a break-the-glass moment.”

CARL BERNSTEIN: “…a slow-motion Saturday Night Massacre.”>

HEIDI PRZYBYLA: “…a break-the-glass option.”

JAMES CLAPPER: “…slow-motion Saturday Night Massacre.”

BRIAN WILLIAMS: “A break-glass scenario in case there’s a Nixon-era Saturday Night Massacre.

JAKE TAPPER: “We are all going through a slow-motion, multi-monthed Saturday Night Massacre.”

RACHEL MADDOW: “Protests across the country! More than 900 are planned. Question as to whether or not this was the break-glass moment.”

ERIN BURNETT: ” …tonight, the push to impeach.”

DAVID CICILLINE: “…obstruction of justice.”

PAUL BEGALA: “Boy, this looks like obstruction.”

WOLF BLITZER: “…the level of obstruction of justice?”

APRIL RYAN: “There’s a constitutional crisis.”

BROOKE BALDWIN: “this could potentially be an impeachable offense.

MARK MAZZETTI: “…which could lead to impeachment.”

TOM STEYER: “The Constitution gives us one solution, which is to impeach.

JACK QUINN: “This is an impeachable offense.”

ARTHEL NEVILLE: “Will Democrats look to impeach the president?”

CHUCK TODD: “Let’s go to this issue of impeachment.”

LARRY O’DONNELL: “Donald Trump will be, must be impeached.”

CARL BERNSTEIN: “They are the kind of offenses, uhhh, that would call for impeachment.”

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: “…may be grounds for impeachment.”

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: …”the prospect of impeachment.”

TOM LLAMAS: “The drumbeats from Democrats for possible impeachment get louder.”

KIMBERLY ATKINS: “If House members find impeachable offenses, it is not just the right thing to do. It’s their duty.”

JOHN DEAN: “The House is going to have little choice other than to start impeachment proceedings.”