There’s a real problem arising in our nation’s public schools. They’re becoming more and more radical. That comes as big surprise, I know.

The public school system has virtually unfettered access to our children, starting at age 5. And many public school districts offer preschool and pre-kindergarten programs for ages 3 and 4, respectively.

And with this access comes a lot of responsibility on their part, and a lot of trust on the part of parents.

For decades, this didn’t seem to a problem. However, recent history has shown a change in public school education. It’s no longer just education, but inculcation – indoctrination of leftist ideology and a rejection of traditional American values.

It began with doctrines of socialism, racialism and the green movement on college campuses. Yet soon it spread to high schools, then middle schools. As these leftist teachings took hold of our youth, the left continued, as they always do, to push the envelope of normalcy.

History has shown that it is relatively easy to indoctrinate the young to believe most anything.

Just look at how easily the Nazi propaganda ministry developed classroom lesson plans to teach children of the superiority of the Arian race, turning German children into Nazi Youth, or how the Palestinians have brainwashed their young to hate Jews and wish to kill.

Palestinian TV teaches children to kill Jews:

These various radical philosophies were damaging enough to the young, but still, they only sought to change the students’ minds, not their bodies.

Now all that has changed. The latest leftist sensation sweeping our nation is transgenderism. Most adults have yet to buy into the propaganda, which is why the movement has now set its sights on our youth. And they understand, as did the Nazis and Islamists, that the earlier you grab hold of young minds, the better.

I’m, of course, not equating the radical transgender movement with Nazis or radical Islam. I’m merely suggesting that this is the very same tack used throughout history to inculcate and brainwash youth into thinking and acting in a pre-designated way.

Ashlawn Elementary School in Arlington County, Virginia, “honored National ‘Read Across America Day’ by hosting a transgender spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). The spokesperson read a story about a transgender child for a room full of kindergarten children,” writes the Federalist.

Worse, is that the letter sent out to parents telling them about this wonderful event contained no opt-out provision. Worse still, the “kindergarten” teacher, who himself is a homosexual activist, sat by as, “‘transgender rights advocate’ Sarah McBride read them a picture book about a transgender girl.”

These were 5-year-old children! Whether it be about heterosexuality, homosexuality or transgenderism – in what universe is this appropriate?

Meanwhile, halfway across the country, the Houston Public Library last fall featured “Drag Queen Story Time,” for children much younger than 5. And it got so much worse.

Just recently, “A media spokesperson for the library confirmed one of the program’s drag queens, Tatiana Mala Nina, is Alberto Garza, a 32-year-old child sex offender,” reports local TV station KHOU. “In 2008, he was convicted of assaulting an 8-year-old boy.”

And it’s not just the Houston library. Many libraries around the country are accepting “Drag Queen Story Time” as just another normal story time event. Of course, as the Federalist points out, these libraries are almost exclusively in deep blue cities.

I know it’s not politically correct to stand up to the increasing pressure from the statists on the left, but it must be done.

We on the right, at least most of us, adhere to a live and let live philosophy. We frankly don’t care what anyone claims to be. But this live and let live philosophy isn’t good enough for the radical left. They’re not happy until they force us into celebrating their “alternative” lifestyles.

And since they’ve been unsuccessful at convincing us thus far, they’ve decided instead to attempt to indoctrinate our youth into first acceptance and then celebration.

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