There are still two bullet holes in the lobby of the Family Research Council.

They’ve been there since Aug. 15, 2012, the result of shots fired by Floyd Lee Corkins, a homosexual activist who went to the Washington, D.C., headquarters with the intent of killing every employee and executive there, while smearing each of their faces with Chick-fil-A sandwiches.

A third shot went through the arm of building manager Leo Johnson who tackled Corkins and held him until the police arrived.

Asked by the FBI what motivated his attempted mass-murder attack, Corkins replied: “Southern Poverty Law lists anti-gay hate groups.”

With the embarrassing loss of a series of defamation cases over its labeling mainstream individuals and groups (including presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson) as dangerous “extremists” and the SPLC’s direct linkage to the FRC terror attack, you might think these would be hard times for the organization whose stock in trade is spewing hate, demonizing its political opposition and inciting others to do the same.

Yet, seven years later, while Corkins serves a 25-year prison term for his attack on FRC, the radical conspiracy theorists at the Southern Poverty Law Center who inspired him are enjoying their headiest days of wealth, influence and unprecedented power.

How so?

Despite the SPLC’s decades of scandal and sullied reputation, somehow it has persuaded seven of the biggest tech monopolies in the world – Google, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Twitter and PayPal – to partner with them in their malignant campaign of blacklisting, boycotting and censorship.

PayPal is the latest to join the club.

What do you suppose is the combined wealth of these seven titans? How much power do seven monopolies of this magnitude wield individually, let alone in consolidated fashion? What are the odds these seven tech behemoths would each choose this group of whacked-out conspiracy theorists to help set the standard for imposing speech and behavior codes across America and the world?

Not only is this cartel of seven top tech giants hyper-extending the SPLC’s political and spiritual bigotry, but other corporate titans are now doling out millions to the hate group in tax-deductible grants and donations, including the following:

Abbott Laboratories
Bank of America
Charles Schwab
Deutsche Bank
Freddie Mac
JPMorgan Chase
Kraft Heinz
Liberty Mutual
Newman’s Own
Progressive Insurance

People ask me: “How did those tech barons come after you at WND and the independent media after all the success you had on the Internet for over 20 years?”

I’ll tell you. Did you know Google and Facebook alone control 80 percent of the digital advertising marketplace? Imagine if the leftist haters at the Southern Poverty Law Center set the standards as to how that advertising was doled out. Imagine if they determined which websites should get higher search rankings and which should get lower results based on their content?

Believe it or not, that is precisely what has been going on in the world of politicized Big Tech. The tail is wagging the dog. SPLC’s power and influence has been magnified beyond imagining.

What’s happening is obscene. It’s an abomination. It’s killing America’s heritage of free speech, free press, freedom of religion and, potentially, free elections.

It’s also illegal!

People also ask me what can be done to level the playing field on the internet?

The answer? Enforce the law!

Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter enjoy privileged positions under federal law that includes standing as “carriers” and therefore immunity from defamation lawsuits – a status similar to telecoms and utilities. But it is supposed to come with a price tag under the Communications Decency Act of 1996, section 230. Do you know what is required of these non-publishers who are invulnerable to slander and libel laws? POLITICAL NEUTRALITY!

Is that a joke when they all drink at the well of the radically toxic Southern Poverty Law Center? In fact, these monopolies are trampling on the First Amendment with their politically correct speech codes and their war on independent media like WND.

Combine the hatred and vitriol of the SPLC with the secret algorithms of Google and Facebook and you have a combination of diabolical forces that could destroy the freest nation in the history of the world – without a shot being fired, indeed, without anyone really even understanding how America fell.

Do you know who is at the top of the SPLC-Google-Facebook list of supposed “haters”?

President Donald Trump.

The rest of us are all just pawns, collateral damage in their vicious, secret war to subvert the Constitution, free elections and the rule of law in a kind of high-tech coup.

The SPLC’s spring 2019 “Intelligence” report accuses Trump and his supporters of bigotry and “white supremacy.” Anyone who disagrees with the open-borders policy agenda of the SPLC and its allies is painted as a racist and extremist who is “filled with hate.”

Does that sound “neutral”?

An editor’s note from Heidi Beirich, the “intelligence project director” for the fringe group, writes: “Trump tests us nearly daily with his racism, nativism and hateful policies. And as we explore in this issue of the Intelligence Report, the surge in white supremacy and hate-driven domestic terrorism is slowing our progress toward a vibrant, multicultural democracy.”

This is the kind of propaganda spewed by Google and Facebook to Americans on a minute-by-minute basis on the largest communications platforms ever devised by man.

Do you see what we are up against?

Speaking for WND, this is by far the toughest fight in which we have ever found ourselves. The SPLC has been maligning my character for 30 years and WND for the last two decades. But now they are in a powerful position, allied with the biggest Satanic media cartel since the Tower of Babel.

WND and much of the rest of the independent media are in their cross-hairs. They’ve already rigged the system to deny us 80 percent of the revenues we had just two years ago.

That’s why we desperately need your financial help and your prayers.

We can make it, but only with your help and God’s.

Here’s how you can help us keep up this fight for free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, free elections and a free America:

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