Geraldo Rivera (courtesy Fox News)

Geraldo Rivera (courtesy Fox News)

It was a bad day for Democrats and the establishment news media Thursday with the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report concluding there was no collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia.

It’s because they’ve been pushing that narrative for more than two years as they’ve tried to obstruct virtually every move by President Trump.

Left-leaning Fox News host Geraldo Rivera scolded the political left in a tweet.

“Democrats & media tortured @realDonaldTrump, haunting his presidency, stalking him relentlessly, obsessing over every tidbit except those that tended to exonerate him,” he wrote. “This was a hoax. Stories that implied collusion were fake news. Whole fiasco was a witch hunt based on b——-.”

President Trump, meanwhile, wrote to his Twitter followers, “Game Over.”

He called for an investigation into who started the “Russia collusion” probe and why. The president wants to know whether any laws were broken by the Justice Department and the FBI under Barack Obama.

The Twitter news-aggregator Twitchy compiled a host of responses to the reaction to the Mueller report.

Arthur Schwartz wrote: “They’re losing their minds over at CNN. This is better than election night.”

CNN’s Chris Cillizza responded to the claim with, “No, we’re not.”

A Twitchy blogger commented: “Today has been pretty damn hilarious on Twitter, unless of course, you’re a Democrat or a member of the media who has spent the last two years pushing the fake Trump-Russia collusion story. Then today has been well and truly horrible for you.”

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin insisted that, despite Mueller’s unwillingness to conclude Trump obstructed justice, the president must be guilty “because he’s been frustrated by the investigation.”

“In a similar vein, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace seems to think that the fact that the Mueller probe took nearly two years is also evidence that Trump’s guilty of something,” Twitchy reported.

Wallace wrote: “We know it wasn’t a criminal conspiracy with the Russians, but then what was it? Because Robert Mueller spent 22 months looking at it, and if there was nothing, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have taken 22 months to say nothing.”

President Trump and Republican lawmakers who have been probing the origin of the investigation already have an idea of what it was all about, pointing to evidence that it was politically motivated. The real colluders, they maintain, are top Obama administration officials who sought to prevent Trump from being elected and to undermine his presidency after he won.

When NBC anchor Chuck Todd wondered why the attorney general would need to comment on Mueller’s report, he got an answer from a Twitter user in the form of another question.

“Why do we need to hear from Chuck Todd when his job is simply to facilitate the Mueller report?”

Political analyst Max Boot, a staunch opponent of the president, tweeted a taunt implying Trump will meet President Nixon’s fate.

“Imagine how frustrated Nixon was during Watergate when he suffered many many leaks (remember Deep Throat?) and political attacks. Yet he was still impeached for, inter alia, obstruction of justice.”

However, as Fox News analyst Brit Hume pointed out, Nixon wasn’t impeached.

One of the better “thuds,” according to Twitchy, came in response to a tweet by Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif.: “This is not a game. This is not a TV show. This is our government and we need to fix it.”

Twitter user Beth Mallinger wrote: “Says the man that announced his run for presidency on a comedy show.”

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