Rush Limbaugh (video screenshot)

Rush Limbaugh (video screenshot)

President Trump called it a “witch hunt” all along, and when special counsel Robert Mueller released his report after more than two years of investigation, he concluded there was no 2016 Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

That was a few weeks back, but talk-radio star Rush Limbaugh said Monday the Democrats just now are beginning to figure that out.

“I don’t think they can become fully woke, but they’re starting to wake up to reality,” he said. “That the Mueller report was a bomb, the Mueller report was a dud, and that they are not prepared to deal with Trump on any issue of substance.

“They put every weapon they have in that Mueller report, in Trump-Russia collusion, and they are slowly awakening to the fact that it has bombed out on them,” he said.

Many mainstream media outlets, Limbaugh said, were rooting for Mueller to find some disastrous detail about Trump in his investigation.

“You can even see it in the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night that nobody watched because Trump wasn’t there. Trump went out to a rally in Wisconsin,” he said.

One headline from the Atlantic was “The Clintons Are Nervous About 2020,” he said.

“This is about their fading – you know, they’re doing this tour where they sell tickets to go out there and speak to people on stage trying to prove they can draw crowds like Trump does,” he explained.

Then there’s The Nation, which is “telling the left that the Mueller report doesn’t just dispel the conspiracy theories that have engulfed political and media circles for two years, it puts to rest the most popular recent one, that attorney general William Barr engaged in a cover-up.”

Another one, from the Chicago Tribune: “Remember the #NeverTrump Movement? It Collapsed.”

And from Barron’s, a sister to the Wall Street Journal, came “Trump Will Win in 2020.”

From Politico: “Democrats Sweat Trump’s Economy.”

Limbaugh said women in the Democratic Party “are livid that it looks like none of them are gonna get” party presidential nomination.

“They’re fit to be tied.”

NBC ran a headline: “Can a woman beat Trump? Some Democrats wonder if it’s worth the risk.”

“Holy smokes! What a headline. Is it worth the risk to nominate a woman just to nominate a woman? This sounds like what they did with Mondull in 1984. You know, they gave Mondull the Democrat nomination against Reagan running for his second term ’cause they knew it was gonna be a slaughter. And they knew it was gonna be a disaster. And so they rewarded an old war horse, Walter F. Mondull with the distinct honor of being a Democrat presidential nominee knowing he was gonna get shellacked, but it got him out of the way, paving the way for Democrats they thought could win later on. That’s what this headline sounds like.”

From “Why do Election 2020’s male candidates get better coverage than women?”

That, Limbaugh said, shows women in the Democratic Party are not happy.

From the Guardian: “Time to impeach? Headache for Democrats over how to take on Trump.”

“Wait a minute! See what I mean? Two years ago it was a slam dunk, Trump was gone, Mueller was gonna get the goods, Trump-Russia collusion,” he said.

“It’s a slow-motion explosion right in front of ’em heading their way. They can see it now. The full force, the full effect hasn’t hit them yet. But they know it’s coming,” he said.

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