Rashida Tlaib, right (courtesy Rashida Tlaib for Congress, Facebook)

Rashida Tlaib, right (courtesy Rashida Tlaib for Congress, Facebook)

An Islamic member of Congress who made herself instantly famous with a foul-mouthed tirade against President Trump said the Islamic terror attacks of 9/11, in which Muslims killed nearly 3,000 people, made her fear Americans.

“I immediately called my brothers and told them to be very careful who you hang out with, telling my sisters, you know, just be real careful out there, and being really afraid of my fellow Americans,” Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., said in a clip filmed month ago for a media company called Makers.

She was featured in a video posted on the company’s website as the “Maker of the week,” Fox News reported. Makers says it tries to “accelerate the women’s movement through stories of real-life experiences that ignite passion and action.”

“I was probably my second year in law school when 9/11 happened. And I was – I was really terrified of what was going to happen to my husband, who’s only a green card holder at the time,” she said.

She said that fear was part of her motivation to become an elected official.

“It really pushed me to be more involved, and I got really curious and really angry. And I think that combination got me, you know, in front of a number of issues in the city of Detroit,” she said.

Daniel Greenfield commented at Jihad Watch that fter the 9/11 attacks, “Americans became fearful of Islamic terrorists. And terrorists, and their supporters, became fearful of Americans.”

He said establishment news media insist “that we empathize, not with the fears of the former, but of the latter.”

“Americans may be killed by the thousands, but we are never allowed to be victims. Much like the Christians of Sri Lanka, a day will pass and the media will switch its attention to the ‘backlash fear’ group.”

FBI statistics show an increase in the number of reported anti-Muslim incidents in the nation during 2001.

There were 28 such reports in 2000 and 481 in 2001. But the reports dropped to 155 in 2002, and it has stayed close to that level since.

However, the report notes that in 2000 there were 1,109 anti-Jewish incidents, 1,043 in 2001 and 931 in 2002, a far larger total than anti-Muslim incidents.

Fox News said Tlaib “has been facing criticism not only for her calls for Trump’s impeachment but also for making troubling comments concerning Israel, with some comments perceived as anti-Semitic, and associating with far-left figures that have endorsed Lebanon-based Hezbollah and Palestinian terrorist groups.”

She has faced calls for her removal from Congress for ties to terrorists, anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists, the report said.

WND reported she declared in a February speech to Council on American-Islamic Relations donors the “Muslims are coming” and happily pondered her enemies floating by in a river dead.

The full speech is here:

“We always said, ‘The Muslims are coming’ … I think we’re here,” she said in her opening.

“We’re not only everywhere in all kinds of different governments but, mashallah, we’re in the United States Congress.”

The RedState blog noted “Mashallah” means “what Allah wanted has happened.”

RedState said her speech became distinctly creepy as she shared an anecdote involving the late Democratic Rep. John Dingell of Michigan.

“When I was a state legislator, I came in to serve on a panel with him on immigration rights, and Congressman Dingell was sitting there and he had his cane, if you knew him, he always had this cane and he held it in front of him,” she said.

“And I was so tired, I had driven an hour and a half to the panel discussion at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus. And I sit down, my hair is all messed up, and I said, ‘Oh, my God, I’m so tired of this. I don’t know how you’ve been doing it so long Congressman. They all lie.’ And he looks at me and he goes. (She nods yes.) I said, ‘You know who I’m talking about, these lobbyists, these special interest [groups], they’re all lying to me.’ … And he looks at me, and he goes, ‘Young lady, there’s a saying in India that if you stand still enough on a riverbank, you will watch your enemies float by dead.'”

She gave the audience a huge smile.

The report noted she was the woman who “who told supporters within hours of taking her oath of office that she was going to ‘impeach the mother***er!'” referencing President Trump.

In addition, Tlaib was accused of lying to her voters and insisted on using Thomas Jefferson’s Quran for her swearing-in, perhaps not realizing he likely owned it to learn more about the Muslim Barbary pirates who were kidnapping and killing Americans at the time.

Then the Daily Caller News Foundation uncovered anti-Semitic ties that “run deeper than previously known.”

“Tlaib is a member of the Facebook group ‘Palestinian American Congress,’ where members often demonize Jews,” the investigation revealed. “The group’s founder, Palestinian activist Maher Abdel-qader, was a key fundraiser for Tlaib and organized campaign events for her around the country.”

It was shortly after she arrived in Washington that Alan Dershowitz, a Democrat, a senior fellow at Gatestone and a professor emeritus at Harvard Law School, issued a warning about her.

“If she is the ‘new face’ of the Democratic Party, we Democrats should begin worrying,” he wrote for the Gatestone Institute.

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