In the wake of Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s recent “some people did something” remark about the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, a request and a question:

Let’s supplant the moniker “radical Islam” with “Islamic supremacist,” to keep in line with the Democrats’ favorite terrorist group, white supremacists; and, why are Democrats so petrified of Islam and Muslims?

Turns out it’s the Democrats in need of an Islamophobia elixir. It’s been astounding to observe how the same Democrats who prattle on about Islamophobia are scared to death of criticizing Muslims.

All the #IStandWithIlhan Democratic useful-idiot dupe dopes have no idea what they’re standing for – same as how members of a death cult go along, like sheeple, with what the death cult leader says. During Omar’s 9/11 speech, she set up her victim narrative of death threats and harassment, which, “coincidentally,” allegedly occurred after her talk; she also peddled the slanderous and libelous lie that President Trump is intentionally inciting violence against Muslims.

Was there any admonishment from House Speaker Nurse Ratched Nancy? Nope; in fact, she admitted that she defended Omar’s statement despite not knowing what Omar had said. This is peculiar, given Pelosi’s lukewarm acceptance of the Three Stoogesses: Omar, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. Tlaib recently accused not the GOP, but her Democratic Party of Islamophobia.

Pray, tell: What is the explanation for Nurse Ratched Nancy’s rush to defend Omar and remain silent on Tlaib? Sure seems like fear to me.

Predictably, the DMIC: Democrat Media Industrial Complex, as well as Tessio Republican Joe Scarborough, came to the defense of Omar – not just for minimizing the deaths of nearly 3,000 on 9/11, but for her anti-Semitic social media posts implying the money-hungriness of Jews. The Democrats and DMIC are probably praying five times daily toward the Kaʿbah, in Mecca, that Omar doesn’t get drunk and tweets that Jews run the world.

Useful idiots all around

Unfortunately, there are useful idiots on our side, who ascribe to the very left-wing (not right-wing) false ideology gods of Aryan and white supremacy; Trump voters do not willingly and knowingly associate with these beclowners. On the surface, it may appear bizarre that Democrats seek out the favors of anti-Semites and black supremacists such as Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton, until one remembers that hatred of those who differ with your political opinions is necessary to the Democrats’ sales pitch (more on this in a moment).

It’s been over a month since sometimes-Democrat Ku Klux Klansman David Duke proclaimed Omar to be the “most important member” of Congress. Where’s the presser by congressional Democrats that Omar disavow Duke? Why hasn’t Omar herself disavowed Duke?

Recall when CNN’s Jake Tapper, in early 2016, demanded to know if Donald Trump disavowed Duke’s support; why did Tapper give relevance to an irrelevant racist when it applied to Trump, but gives no relevance to Duke when it applies to Omar?

Nowadays, it seems Tapper is more preoccupied with helping his daughter sell books than abiding by his own supposed journalistic standards. While many coronated Ocasio-Cortez the DMIC’s media darling, it was really Omar more deserving of that crown – a crown the DMIC has fundamentally transformed into a crown of thorns. The Bogeyman Industrial Complex and the Victim Industrial Complex anchor Democrat politics; the way Democrats always seek to control narratives are with willing minority members – blacks, Muslims, gays, women, etc. – whose “victimization” is then sold as the opiate that necessitates the suppression of speech and infringement upon rights.

“Islamophobia” is a 25-year-old bogeyman term concocted by an oh-so noble-sounding organization called The International Institute of Islamic Thought. The noun means nothing, and that’s precisely the point; In DemocratWorld, where political gravity is suspended, useful idiots need a steady diet of useful idiocy to keep them fat, happy and hateful.

Speaking of Democratic and DMIC standards, we low-level intelligence America First nationalists need some clarification on the rules: if criticizing Israel and Jews isn’t anti-Semitic, according to Democratic logic, then criticizing Islam and lawmakers who practice Islam isn’t Islamophobic. In the Democrat death cult, all criticism is created equal, but some is created more equal than others.

We also need clarification on when – and when not – the religion or race invoked to justify terrorism is warranted. Had the 9/11 Islamic supremacists used AR-15s, rather than airplanes, Democrats would have called it a “mass shooting,” rather than “some people did something,” and would have rewritten Islamic supremacy out of their life stories – same as they did with the Pulse nightclub terrorist, Omar Mateen.

Muslims are the new gays

There is also, of course, political expedience for Democratic apologists of anti-Semitic Muslims. Democrats dodged a bullet with gays and lesbians, who continued voting Democrat throughout the ’90s and ’00s – even though the Democratic Party’s official stance was in opposition to gay marriage.

Democrats won’t make that same mistake with Muslims. According to Pew, though the American Muslim population is about 1 percent of the total U.S. population, it has been steadily increasing since 2007; few of the 2 million adult Muslims are Republicans.

They’re located in crucial Democratic states and locales, such as New Jersey, Michigan and Washington, D.C.

Politics is sales, and it makes no sense for Democrats to criticize Omar and Tlaib; why alienate a growing voting base?

Democratic politicians sell kooky policies such as, but not limited to, oppression of speech, three or more genders and slavery reparations because they believe that’s what their voting market wants. Furthermore, all the Dems’ sales pitches are designed to drive youth voter turnout; they’re not designed to turn out Kennedy and Reagan Democrats.

Youth turnout rates are expected to continue rising, the demographic of millennials and generation Zers are approaching baby boomers as the largest generation in the electorate, and the Democrats are banking on seeing an ROI from their decades of Ludovico-esque political social engineering. Why do you think our youth are so enamored with Bread Line Bernard Sanders, the millionaire “socialist”? The culmination of all this has manifest itself in the modern Democratic Party; the next step is full Marxism/Leninism, which will occur after Trump’s re-election.

Nothing in politics is coincidental; let’s prepare for the long and arduous battle ahead to preserve our republic and re-educate our youth.

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