Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims, D-Philadelphia

Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims, D-Philadelphia

On social media, the vicious verbal attack Democrat Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims, an open homosexual, unleashed on an innocent “old white lady” who was praying in front of an abortion business got considerable attention.

Sims posted a video of himself badgering, berating and bullying a woman protesting outside a Planned Parenthood, the biggest player in the nation’s abortion industry.

He used PeriscopeCo, a social-media streaming company, to display his rant, which went on for nearly 10 minutes.

But for the traditional networks?

It wasn’t news.

“Despite how disgusting it is that an American politician would resort to such behavior, no major network news aired anything on the situation, even with all the noise online and Sen. Ted Cruz calling attention to the videos,” reported Gabriel Hays, of the MRC Culture at the Media Research Center.

“Neither ABC, NBC nor CBS national programs picked up on the story. But let’s not pretend that stories like these aren’t in their wheelhouse. Recall that during the week of January 21, two out of the three networks, both ABC and NBC, rushed to judgment over an ambiguous ‘smirk’ by pro-life supporter and MAGA hat-wearer Nicolas Sandmann.”

Hays explained in his commentary, “It takes one ‘smirk’ from a conservative teen in a MAGA hat to generate a national news meltdown, yet prolonged verbal harassment from a Democratic state representative towards an older woman praying in protest at a Planned Parenthood clinic hardly gets any mainstream attention. Neither ABC, CBS or NBC nightly news programming paid any attention to Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims’ 8-minute plus video of him bullying a peaceful pro-life protester.

“While this media behavior is certainly not shocking — what self-aggrandizing mainstream journo would want to sell out a pro-choice lawmaker? — it is absolutely disgusting and betrays a horrific double standard,” he wrote.

Hays described Sims as “unhinged” and pointed out the woman “remained resolute in her silence, which in turn seemed to embolden Sims in his shameful display.”

“State Republican Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio stated that Sims was promoting ‘extremism’ and ‘hypocrisy,’ adding that he had violated her ‘First Amendment rights.’ DiGiorgio also called on the Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and the Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner to launch an investigation into Sims’ ‘criminal behavior.’ Krasner’s office released a statement claiming that the case was ‘under review,'” Hays reported.

He pointed out Hays pulled a similar stunt last month, harassing “several pro-life teen girls protesting in the same location, offering ‘$100’ to anyone in his audience willing to identify the girls for further harassment.”

There were others, however, who did notice the incident. Conservative Review warned, “It’s a dangerous world out there, and you should always have a plan to defend yourself, especially if you plan to go pray outside an abortion clinic.

“There’s been a slew of recent news stories about violence, harassment, and intimidation against pro-life demonstrators and people simply praying outside abortion clinics. Yes, the big news has been about Democratic Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims’ despicable behavior toward an elderly pro-life woman praying the rosary outside a Planned Parenthood clinic, but there’s a lot more out there.”

Also, Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire sparked a pro-life rally in reaction to Sims “proudly harassing women.”

“Let’s organize a giant pro-life rally at the abortion clinic in Center City where [Brian Sims] has been harassing children and elderly women. Let’s see him come out and harass all of us. Retweet this and let’s get it organized,” posted Walsh. “I’ll be there, Brian. I’d be happy to have you come stick a camera in my face. Though I know you prefer to target women and children.”

The Daily Wire reported, “Within hours, Walsh’s suggestion for pro-lifers to band together and stand up to Sims took off; other prominent pro-lifers signed-on to the idea, including big-name advocates like Abby Johnson of ‘Unplanned’ and Live Action founder Lila Rose, and Ashley Garecht, who, along with her two young daughters, was targeted by Sims outside the clinic.”

The result? Per Walsh, “The rally is planned for 11 AM on Friday at the Planned Parenthood on 1144 Locust St in Philly. A bunch of different pro-life groups reached out to me minutes after I sent that original tweet and this all came together quickly. We invite [Brian Sims] to come with his camera!” started an online petition urging Sims to resign his position, stating: “We call on Representative Brian Sims to resign immediately after this shameful harassment and bullying of a pro-life woman. If he does not resign, the Pennsylvania state legislature should censure him and take whatever other disciplinary measure that are appropriate.”

On Fox News, commentator Tucker Carlson pointed out that as extreme as Sims seems, he’s “mainstream” for Democrats.

“Despite the video you have seen — and despite all appearances — state Rep. Brian Sims, D-Pa., is not a mentally-ill panhandler or a vagrant with a drug problem screaming at strangers. It looks like it. But he is not,” he explained. “He is an elected lawmaker. He represents central Philadelphia in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. And he is a star, by the way, in the Democratic Party.

“He has hung out with Pete Buttigieg. He has a robust social media following. In 2014, NARAL Pro-Choice America — that’s the abortion clinic lobby — gave him a top award. He posed for a picture with NARAL President Ilyse Hogue.

“In the modern Democratic Party, Brian Sims is a totally and completely mainstream figure. He is also, as you have seen in recent videos, a frothing extremist, who is willing to threaten teenagers and attack them for their skin color, simply because they disagree with him,” Carlson said.

The WND reported when Sims released his video that his victim’s sole response was to tell him to take his camera out of her face.

See Sims’ diatribe:

The video was publicized by Live Action, which said: “WATCH: Pennsylvania State Representative @BrianSimsPA harasses an elderly woman who is peacefully advocating for the lives of preborn human beings and women who are considering abortion.

“This is shameful,” the pro-life activists said.

The organization also told Periscope that “this broadcast violates your rules on abusive behavior. He is harassing, intimidating and using fear to silence this sweet elderly woman.”



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