Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh says Americans will know when Attorney General William Barr’s investigation into how the Obama administration promoted the debunked Russia collusion charges is nearing an end by watching when top Democrats start showing up in Cuba or Argentina.

After all, extradition from some countries is harder than from others.

The meme has started gaining traction, with a couple of other news commentators already quoting him.

Limbaugh pointed out that Fox News’ Shannon Bream cited the suggestion in an interview with John Yoo, a former Department of Justice official.

Yoo pointed out Wednesday that the choice of U.S. Attorney John Durham to lead the investigation is serious and must mean that Barr expects indictments, Limbaugh said.

The investigation will examine how the bogus Steele “dossier,” funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign, was used as evidence to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. And there was the FBI lead investigator who assured his bureau lawyer paramour that they would ensure Trump was not elected. And if he were elected, they would employ a “back-up plan.”

Limbaugh’s original comment had been, “The next thing to keep a sharp eye out for, folks, and that is people fleeing the country. If you see James Comey in Argentina or if you see James Clapper somewhere where they can’t be extradited, then you will know that we’re getting close. When these people start leaving… I’m half joking. It hasn’t started yet, but, man, are they nervous.”

When Bream asked for Yoo’s reaction, he said: “Both of them should be nervous (chuckles), both the FBI director, the CIA director, and the National Intelligence Director. And the reason why is because of the appointment by Attorney General Barr of Mr. Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut, to take a look at all this. The reason why is if Mr. Barr – who is no anti-deep state guy. He’s a guy who started out in the CIA. If Attorney General Barr appointed a U.S. attorney, that probably means he thinks there’s some grounds for criminal investigation. There’s already an investigation within the Justice Department going on by the inspector general, which you would use if you wanted to reform things in the department, change the way you did the FISA warrants. But to bring in an outside U.S. attorney to conduct a kind of criminal investigation? That should have a lot of people worried.”

Limbaugh noted Fox News’ Sean Hannity brought up the same comment, crediting Limbaugh for “rightly pointing out the deep state is now in a panic mode for good reason.”

WND reported Limbaugh said Wednesday that “all of these participants in the coup are beginning to accuse each other.”

“This is so delicious,” he said. “[Former CIA chief John] Brennan and [fired FBI chief James] Comey are going at it over who first put the unverified dossier into the intelligence briefing.”

Limbaugh said: “Folks, it’s like rats scurrying amidst the ship to try to get off of it. They’re all out there trying to say, ‘I didn’t do it; you did it.'”

The participants in what Trump supporters described as a “coup” attempt against the sitting president are legion.

“Frankly, it’s great to see. These guys are out now trying to blame others, point fingers at each other,” Limbaugh said. “Brennan and Comey are actually in an argument over who put the Steele dossier into the intelligence briefing and then had it go up to the FISA court. So if these guys could be leveraged, they could the end up lying and ratting each other out.”

Limbaugh continued: “I got an email note from a friend talking about all of the rats in this ship now starting to accuse each other, Comey/Rosenstein, Rosenstein/Comey, Brennan/Comey. And he said to me, ‘The only question, Rush, is: How high up will they allow all this to go?’ Meaning, how high up is it gonna go where are they gonna draw the line and not name people? We know Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, and Obama knew all about this coup. In fact, they green-lighted it,” he said.

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