On D-Day 2019, the 75th anniversary of the awesome military campaign that invaded France and cost thousands of lives but ultimately put the German kill machine on a course for destruction, Rush Limbaugh says the world is facing another D-Day.

It’s because Western civilization “is at stake,” he said.

“We are facing a World War II-like circumstance in the sense that, as then, it is today: Western Civilization is at stake. I made the statement a couple days ago talking about the race that we are in, the race being led by the attorney general, William Barr, and his prosecutor, John Durham from Connecticut. We’re in a race with the people that ran this silent coup to get rid of Donald Trump. We’re in a race to get to the finish line first. Who will expose this or who will get away with this?” he said.

The opposition is the Democratic Party, which is watching thousands of people invade the U.S. who have no intention of becoming Americans. Democrats are applauding it “precisely because it is not featuring people who want to assimilate.”

Limbaugh said the Democratic Party today “is made up of people who only see the United States as deeply flawed from the very beginning” and “needs to be redone in entirely new images.”

“We, of course, believe that the solution to whatever problems we have is to return to and maintain the values that established this country at the founding,” he said. “That’s the challenge we all face. And you can throw abortion into this, too, folks, if you want to, if you really want to draw some analogies,” he said.

Calling abortion a “modern-day horror,” he said: “It’s the same kind of horror that got us into World War II, one of the many things about it, and I think more and more people are finally starting to see it this way, as is finally being indicated by polling data. There’s now actual empirical evidence that Roe v. Wade might undergo some kind of change or transformation at the Supreme Court level.”

He cited the videos revealing what Planned Parenthood does with the body parts of aborted babies.

And then there’s Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam endorsing infanticide and the New York legislature passing a laws allowing abortion up to the moment of birth.

“The Democrats are passing laws saying it’s perfectly fine to abort a baby that survives, to kill a baby that survives an abortion,” he said.

And there’s illegal immigration.

“Western Civilization’s being blamed for every problem in the world, as evidenced by the Democrat Party. So, yeah, I think you can draw some comparisons to the things we face as a nation today, to what we faced in World War II,” he said.

“There are a lot of connections today similar to the chain of events that led to World War II. You could say Trump is Churchill. Trump is trying to recognize… He’s trying to get everybody to recognize this. He’s shouting from the rafters the doom that is coming. Churchill did the same. He couldn’t get the Brits interested in the Germans whatsoever. In fact, Churchill’s counterparts in the U.K. thoughts that they could make a deal with Hitler – good old Neville Chamberlain — and Trump faces much the same kind of thing.

“Like Trump is being mocked and laughed at, made fun of for the things he’s predicted. So was Churchill. Many people don’t know. Churchill was reviled, he was laughed at, he was mocked, he was made fun of daily by the British left. And when he started warning them about the German menace, the Hitler threat, they wanted no part of it.”

He noted that previously, America’s threat came from external sources.

Now it’s different.

“What has changed about that is that the risks and the danger we face is much more internal than it has ever been,” he said.

“Until now, we’ve never had a political party where that point of view is close to being the dominating point of view – and the threat is rising. And at the same time that this is happening, the Republican Party (which is supposed to be the pushback party and the opposition party) doesn’t really want to get into the water.”

He added: “And then there’s Trump. And it makes perfect sense why Donald Trump is hated and despised by the people that he is, ’cause he’s standing up to them, and the people he’s standing up to – people that they are like – throw political enemies in jail. And now we’ve got Nancy Pelosi actually saying that’s what she wants done. So, yeah. There are some similarities.”

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