The producer of The Glazov Gang explains why now, more than ever, is the hour to support a show like no other.

In this new brief episode of The Glazov Gang, the producer of the show, Anni Cyrus, explains why now, more than ever, is the hour to support the show that boldly tells the truth about the Left and Jihad that our media simply won’t dare discuss.

We recently started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $3,000 just to stay on the air. Because of your AWESOME love, support and appreciation of the value of the show, we have already reached that goal! We are now back on our feet. But we need to raise $30,000 in total to keep the show up and running for a year. With the incredible help and generosity we have just received to bring us back to life, we are very optimistic that this goal can be reached!

Please make a donation directly to The Glazov Gangs PayPal accountor our Kickstarter campaign.

Fans are also welcome and encouraged to send in their own brief video to us (jamieglazov11@gmail.com) supporting our show and encouraging fans to help — which we may run after a selection process.

Thank you!!


WND-TV: Aynaz Anni Cyrus stands up for The Glazov Gang


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