This week’s Glazov Gang had the honor of being joined by Borek Volarik, a Czech Defector, Kevin Gonzales, the producer of the upcoming documentary: “Martyred in the USSR,” and Leon Weinstein, a Soviet emigré and author of “Capitalism 101.”

The Gang members gathered to discuss: Putin and the Shadow of the KGB. The dialogue occurred in Part II and dealt with how the Cold War never really ended, why the KGB still retains power in Russia, the impotence of the West in facing Putin, and why people should read “Mein Kampf” to gain insight not only into Putin’s propaganda, but also Obama’s.

Part I focused on Kevin Gonzales’ upcoming documentary: “Martyred in the USSR,” which focuses on the persecution of Christians, as well as of all religions, under the former Soviet regime. The segment also focused on why and how the Left has forced this socialist mass crime into historical invisibility.



WND-TV: Putin and the shadow of the KGB


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